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What Are The Causes Of Unemployment?

In this article, we get unemployment, its causes, and its effects on society and countries.

What is Unemployment?

Unemployment is not just an issue of a single nation, developing country, or developed country. Instead, it is a global problem. This problem’s symptoms and effects are inflating due to an increase in population and a decrease in resources.

There are almost 1 billion people worldwide, approximately 30% of the world’s population, who are facing unemployment. As unemployment doesn’t belong to a nation or country. Instead, almost 34 million people face unemployment in the world’s wealthiest nations.

Employed members of any country help increase the economy and GDP of the respective country. There come different changes as the flow of money and work power increases, leading to a brighter future for that nation, but unemployment has no good effect on any nation.

Certain reasons depend on which they are not getting jobs or can work to earn a handsome amount for a sustainable lifestyle.

This article is written to give you information about which countries in the world have the most unemployed citizens, its effects, and the main causes behind this crisis.

What are types of Unemployment?

The main term being discussed here is a state of looking for a job or being jobless. Also, it is referred to when people are not working or are actively looking for some permanent jobs.

During the decline in economic activities, if a country is not working its plans (or it has no alternatives to handle crisis), citizens use to face joblessness. Below we get you different types of unemployment in brief:

Cyclical Unemployment:

In this case, labor requirement is less because a respective company needs no labor force. The need for less production and people requirement reduces the jobs. So, it depends on the work, and ultimately people get employment.

Structural Unemployment:

Here people are unemployed due to lack of skills or they are unable to fulfill the demands of a respective work or company because the job demands certain skills which day don’t have.

Long Term Unemployment:

It is a state of joblessness that lasts longer than a year.

Causes of Unemployment:

Every bad impact happens at a place due to a few elements. Below we get you a few causes that lead nations to Unemployment:

1. Higher Population Growth:

If a country has more population than its resources to feed them, it will face unemployment.

Higher the population growth, higher the unemployment rate unless there is a management in making all people get a job depending upon their skills and degree.

More population and more unemployment

2. Contractual Employment:

One of the major reasons for unemployment is contract base employment or seasonal employment.

When companies hire employees depending on a few-month contract, they fire them and hire new employees. This will be bad for both company and fired employees.

Does the question raise why companies do so? The answer is that they don’t want to give permanent positions to the employees and get rid of providing extra facilities, i.e., residence allowances and retirement packages, etc.

Contract based employment causes unemployment

3. Huge Turnout of University Students:

Universities are acting like factories and not like educational institutions.

They are passing out students with a paper of degree but not skills, whenever they go for a job without experience they are unable to pass the tests and hence could not avail the job opportunity.

So, until and unless universities take care of students’ practical experience, the unemployment rate will not decrease.

More graduates and less jobs

4. The inefficiency of Country Progress:

When a country is not progressing well, its GDP will go down.

Its budgets and all other departments will not be able to maintain their life cycle due to lack of finance and hence due to this inefficiency country will not be able to produce jobs for its upcoming youth.

Underdeveloped Countries

5. Poor Industrial Development:

Poor industrial development is an important factor to count because industries generate jobs. Without efficient working of industries, people won’t work properly.

Now at this time, the world is facing many other issues like dearness, lack of useful resources, and other factors that do not allow industrialists to work with more employees.

Government should tackle the root cause of this problem at first preference. Resultantly, this will solve unemployment issues.

Poor Industries

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