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Use Of Google Keyword Planner- Boost The Traffic


Google Keyword Planner is an amazingly strong and powerful tool you can also use to find out new and high-ranked keyword ideas and blog post terms to boost your search engine rankings.

 If you’re new to the tool then figuring out how to use it can be a little time taking.

Purpose of using Google Keyword Planner

Using this pro tool Keyword Planner can help you to find the best high-ranked keyword for your content. Furthermore, this tool is one of Google’s own tools which allows people to research what they are actually looking for.

Google’s Keyword Planner also enables you to know about which words people are mostly looking for, how many times a month or a day they search for those terms, and how competitive those terms are in terms of bringing website traffic.

google keyword Planner

What is keyword search and its worth in content writing?

If you are new to search engine marketing, know that keyword research is one of the most important factors. This helps in optimizing your website to work better and bring more traffic.

Keyword research is the main focus of SEO. In this, you identify what words or phrases are most appropriate and close to your business or company and rank them.

Many businesses strategies initiate by creating a list of keywords related to their business. This can help to boost web traffic. Once you have that list you should start evaluating which keywords work best for your personal blog and site pages.

keyword research through keyword planner

Use of Google Keyword planner

Google’s Keyword Planner is designed to help writers to research best and high-ranked related keywords. In addition, it’s a simple free tool that helps you to find keywords related to your content topic. This also helps you to see the estimated monthly searches they receive as well as the costs of targeting them.

Google Advertising Keyword Planner is used for many purposes just like to search new keywords. This helps to find out the average monthly search of that word. This helps you to determine the cost and also find use words to bring more traffic to your blog post.

Use of google keyword planner

Help you to discover new keywords

When you start researching high-ranked top searched keywords that you can use in your writing, to make it recognize and ranked by Google. Keyword Planner aims to provide a list of relevant and competitive keywords.

discover new keyword through google keyword planner

Find the keyword and target right audience

With the help of this amazing tool, you can accurately evaluate and find the need and demands of your audience. What does your audience want to read and what do they exactly want? In this way, you can attract more visitors and traffic to your website.

right keyword select through google keyword planner

Increase your ROI (Return of Investment) with the use of right Keyword

It’s a great and ultra-modern tool that not only analyzes your keywords but also enables you to have a look at every keyword performance. This gives an indication based on your budget and average bid prices.

This feature helps you to set your business budget effectively and at the same time, it will help you to boost your ROI.

Increase ROI select right keyoword through google keyword planner

Help you to beat your competitors

You can beat your competitors very smoothly with the help of using the Google Keyword Finder tool. It is the topmost helpful tool for getting accurate reports of your competitors. So, you can beat your competitors very smartly. Keyword research opens the door to many targeted options that allow you to reach your ideal and targeted audience – the main key to boosting more website traffic, more sales, and getting higher revenue.


Google Keyword Planner is the smartest and coolest tool you can use to find related, competitive, and high-ranked keywords which can help Google to rank your content and drag more traffic and ultimately help you to generate more revenue from that content or blog.

In case you are new to Blogging or content writing and don’t have enough money to invest in buying expensive keyword reference tools, go for the free tool Google Keyword Tool.

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