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Top 10 Best Freelance Platforms For Beginners and Professionals

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In 2021, we realize that freelancing has its advantages, and looking for online clients from different zones isn’t one of them. Promoting your services is for sure quite possibly the most dreary task that you can face. This is the place where independent sites come in. That is the reason we thought of this top 10 best Freelance platforms or sites for beginners and experts. So you can remove nuisances and focus on the most reliable ones. Here you’ll see it simple to analyze the similarities and difference between each online working platform.

1. Upwork

Upwork is a connect and proposal-based freelancing platform. A job listing board is where the freelancers can check the jobs available. There you can check the employers of those jobs as well as how much the employers have already spent requests. If they are verified, recently, a new system was proposed and added a cost of 1 proposal for any job.   

A proposal boost system also available which allows for more connections to be used to raise the bid for the job to the top of the job application stack. It supports multiple payment methods such as PayPal, Pioneer, M-Pisa (Kenya only), and many local payment methods for people living in the US. 

 On average, it takes clients only 3 days to hire on up work. When a task is applied to the employer, reviews the task, and calls for an interview. Each interview the freelancer accepts and wins the interview up work will award him 10 bonus connects.


2. Fiverr

In this list of top 10 best freelance platforms Fiverr is at number 2. Much like Upwork, Fiverr also provides a freelancing platform. In addition with a bonus, which is GIGS which are ready-made small tasks like logos. It also acts as a mediator between the entrepreneur and the freelancer to maintain fairness. When the job has done and the entrepreneur satisfies with the product and accepts. The work through Fiverr is the money sent to the freelancer so it is a very balanced system for both large projects and very simple tasks.


3. Freelancer

Freelancer is very similar to Upwork and almost identical. On freelancer.com, tasks vary in connect cost depending on the complexity of the task. Unlike Upwork the interview wins the freelancer, does not receive 10 bonus connects. Just like in Upwork there is a messaging system for both the freelancer and the employer to communicate. But it doesn’t allow to share contact info before the project has started and the milestones has been created.

Trending freelance websites - Freelancer is one of them

4. Designhill

Mainly a designer-based design freelancing platform. Much like Fiverr design hill works as a mediator between the designers and the employer. Also design hill is a crowdsourcing website with designers from all over the world. The way it works is the employer will list a contest. Then the designers will be notified so they can provide entries for the contest. The employer can chat with the designer of his choosing depending on which design entry the employer prefers. It is a fairly proper system and just like Fiverr both parties are safe. When the employer is happy with the design the money sends from design hill to the designer. On the other hand, if the employer is unhappy with all of the designs his money returns to him. According to their terms and service, this is 100% authentic and secure.

Top 10 Best Freelance Platforms - Designhill a graphic designing freelancing website

5. Guru

With a much smaller job pool than Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Designhill Guru is still a platform worthy to explore. Its market is less saturated than the 4 platforms mentioned.

Guru provides an environment that allows the employers to post the jobs they need done and leave room for the freelancers to scroll through and find the jobs that fit their experience and education through the category menu. Again Guru is a much smaller platform but it is still a viable decision. If you want to avoid a very crowded and extremely competitive market like the ones on the 4 platforms we just mentioned.

Guru - trending online working platforms

6. PeoplePerHour

As the name suggests this website hires people per hour. This online working platform has a screening mechanism that exists to make sure the freelancer can accomplish the work properly within his professional field. The jobs list on the job board and updated every time a new job post is submitted by an employer. The freelancer can work both with a fixed rate or an hourly rate depending on preference. And even if the job post mentions an hourly rate nothing stops the freelancer from negotiating with the employer for either a fixed rate or an hourly rate. It is a straightforward system and either you can fulfill the job requirements or you can’t.

People per hour - best freelancing earning platform

7. 99designs

As an Australian-based company and is a web-based online platform that is more expensive than Designhill. But being almost identical in how it works, both utilizes the contest system to get many entries. The method is fair 99designs acts as a mediator for both sides. This website is just like Designhill both easily make it in the top 10 best freelance platforms listing.

Freelance platform for graphic designer - 99design - Top 10 Best Freelance Platforms

8. Flexjobs

Flexjobs tries to create the most flexible job environment possible for its users. Although it is a paid service. It provides a profession-oriented environment which a job board, webinars, and even courses to teach freelancers. So they can advance their careers as well as having their team check daily the job postings to make sure the platform is scam free.

The only downfall of this app is that it is a paid service but other than that it offers 50 job categories and a smooth system and allows flexibility for both employers and employees. It is not only a global freelance site but it also provide full time or part-time on-site or remote work. So it is a very good freelancing platform and makes it at spot 8 in our list of top 10 best freelance platforms.

Flexjobs - finding online freelancing jobs

9. Freeup

Free up is one of the least accessible platforms here. Since it tries to get only the top 1 % for the job, aimed around quick and fast-paced hiring than around helping freelancers get their first jobs. This option is not beginner-friendly, if you decide to use it, be ready for a very competitive market and complex screening. The company wants to know for sure you are capable and within the top 1 %.

Free up is not very welcoming for anyone who are not very experienced and usually within the later years of his career.

FreeUp - Top 10 Best Freelance Platforms For Beginners and Professionals

10. Toptal

Purely a programmer and developer-oriented platform. As the name suggests Toptal only takes the top freelancers in the online marketplace and it has a screening process that is very tedious and throughout.

The downfall of this app is simply being that the freelancer pool is way smaller than most other platforms, naturally, that raises prices for the tasks or projects given. This free online working platform takes care of any disputes and acts as a mediator. While having a very solid platform, it is almost impossible for newer developers or fresh graduates to enter this market. This makes it available only for the top 1 to 0.1%, which is not a good ratio if you are still improving your technical skills.

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