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How to Start a Successfully Blogging In 2022

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Blogging is a new whole world. Many creative and smart mind people are starting their work and becoming bloggers. This is not science fiction to become a successful blogger. Consistency and actively smart working is the key to success in a blogging career. A successful real success needs a good platform, smart tactics to grow and monetize.

Select your blogging platform

Once you are up with this. Choose the most suitable and profitable platform for this. Learn everything related to the platform you choose for it. These platforms are the key factor behind bringing more active traffic.


Create your blogging account

Every platform has its own criteria and sign-up form. Fill that very properly with accuracy. Sign-up and secure your account with privacy settings. There are many securities and privacy options, go through with your full focus. Add your email to get linked and updated.

create your blogging account

Choose blogging niche

You can write about technology, health, beauty and fitness, traveling, and hobbies. A number of niches are here. You can choose the category according to your choice. Become a food or lifestyle blogger that depends on your skills and interest. Find the key search volume of your niche, and decide the topic which gives you maximum profit.

blogging niche

Create good content

This is the point where the rubber meets the roads. You are pre-planned about every initial thing. From the keyword finder, search for the best keyword related to the niche. Select any 5 most searched and paid keywords.

Keep those keywords in your overall content.

Remember, the engagement of your organic audience is your priority. Add audio, video, graphics, and attractive things to make your audience engaged.

create good content

Once you are done with your content. This is properly well published on your website. Share the link of that on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. This will help you to get more organic traffic on the post.

blog social media links

Blog Promotions

This is the super-smart way to bring in more traffic. Contact famous bloggers or promotion agencies. They will help you to promote your content and bring more traffic. This promotion will be an investment for your future.

One has to pay some amount for their content promotions.

blog promotions


Be original and create your own content. This should be truly the soul and original property of the blogger. There should not be any kind of copyright issue in your content. Everything should be plagiarism-free and original.

Be honest with your passion, cheaters never win.

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