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Types of cars in Pakistan – Top 9 most popular

When you talk about autos and vehicles, the people of Pakistan go crazy about cars. Pakistani’s are importing their dream cars from all around the world and riding them on the roads like a boss. The automotive industry in Pakistan is rapidly growing and this race is never-ending. Here we have bought you a list of types of cars in Pakistan.

Toyota Corolla

Let’s start with the most demanding, you love to drive in Pakistan. Toyota Corolla is in the category of subcompact and compact cars that Toyota company manufacture and sell worldwide. This vehicle was introduced in 1966, the Corolla is one of the best-selling cars in Pakistan. Many automation companies and motors have introduced the Corolla for local customers to buy and enjoy the comfort of this beast. Additionally, its luxurious outclass style, performance, and sophisticated remarkable features have made it one of the best-selling auto vehicle in Pakistan.

Toyota Corolla

Honda City

Honda City Aspire 2021 is one of the most famous cars in Pakistan. This super car updated in a timely manner and this has helped it to retain its market shares and value. Now Honda Atlas is all set to launch the “7th Generation Honda City” in Pakistan this year. On the other hand, the 7th Generation City is already available in many countries. Also in 2 amazing new variants with the naturally expected built-in four-cylinder engine.

Honda City in Pakistan

Honda civic

The Honda Civic 2021 is going to be available in Pakistan in three outclass variants – 1. eight-liter, one.8-liter VTI Oriole and one.5 RS Turbo. But fortunately worldwide it is going to launch in four latest variants. The Civic has been classified as a compact car, but first comes into the sub-compact category.

Honda civic 2021 in Pakistan

Suzuki Mehran

This is a car that is surprisingly fun to drive for boys. You can drive this car to any place in Pakistan, urban or rural, either in Northern areas. The performance of its engine is average but its exterior and interior construction quality is below average. Mehran car comes with many factory defects such as engine and gear oil leaks and short life suspension.

Suzuki Mehran most demanding car in Pakistan

Suzuki wagon R

Suzuki Wagon R 2021 is an amazing front-engine front-wheel drive hatchback. This car vehicle is powered by the newest t Suzuki K-Series engine and has many advanced modifications. As a result it is more economical and smoother than other engines in the other Suzuki line of cars. In Pakistan, it is available in two different leading variants.

Suzuki wagon R

Suzuki Cultus

Among the most popular types of car in Pakistan Suzuki Cultus is the demanding one. This is a super mini-vehicle that was introduced earlier in 1983 by a Japanese manufacturer company named Suzuki. Right now it is available in various 3 prior technology models which are VXR, VXL, and Auto Gear Shift. The exterior body of this amazing mini-car in super stylish design, trendy and classy looks combine with the aerodynamic design. It tends to make the Cultus a more powerful enrich choice in its class.

Suzuki Cultus most popular types of car in Pakistan

Toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitz lies in the range of three and 5 door sub-compact automobile cars basically designed and manufactured by the Japanese soul brand “Toyota” in earlier 1999. This model has acknowledged and a huge number of people across Pakistan bought it. From the very 1st to the 3rd generation this transport heaven always admired as well as Toyota Vitz made itself a huge market worldwide. And now a number of countries are adopting a similar vehicle under the name Toyota Yaris or Toyota Eco.

Toyota Vitz

Daihatsu Mira

There are super four models in the most recent variant available. You can have amazing MIRA or MIRA AVY and premium MIRA GINO and advanced technology MIRA VAN. The choice of Mira Automobile users is undeniable. With over 80% of imports in 2017 and an expansion of nearly 7,000 units, the Daihatsu Mira is among the most used and approved automobile vehicles within Pakistan.

Daihatsu Mira popular type of car in Pakistan

Suzuki Every

Following the most famous types of car in Pakistan we can’t escape without mentioning Suzuki Every. This comes as an updated variant of the Suzuki Carrie. In earlier 1982, its name also has been changed from Suzuki Carrie to Suzuki Avery. It’s basically a KEI-car, but the best performance of this vehicle comes with the Suzuki Every Plus a very long bonnet.

Suzuki Every most famous types of car in Pakistan

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