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Top 10 Beautiful Places in Pakistan You’d Love to Visit in 2021

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After several years of political vulnerability and worries about safety and security, now Pakistan has been taken out from the rundown where the nation was related with psychological oppression. Pakistan has made its way for vacationers from all over the world, on account of its expanded security and political stability. Pakistan is a delightful country. It tends to be hard for you to browse a considerable list of best places to visit in northern areas of Pakistan. Here is a short and amazing list of top 10 beautiful places in Pakistan.

1. Skardu

When we talk about the most beautiful places in Pakistan, Skardu always remains on the top of the list. Greenish-blue water, rocky and dangerous mountains, glamorous waterfalls, and liberal society, Skardu has everything. Go through a little while exploring the wonderful Kachhura Village, Shangrilla Resort, and the sand rises in Katpana town. Engage in an extraordinary encounter watching the dawn and nightfall over the Indus River. To know the region’s set of experiences in deep, we suggest you to visit the 600 years of age Kharpocho Fort.

Shopping for your loved ones back in home and eating in Skardu Bazaar is an unquestionable requirement. Here you’ll trek down in local Skardu streets and buy different things like handbags, dresses, cosmetics, dry fruits, etc., for your loved ones. On the other hand, if you are partial to journey, you can’t resist the urge to travel across the glaciers to the base camps of the world’s highest and most noteworthy mountains, including K2.

Additionally, your holidays wouldn’t be finished without a visit to the unique and strange Deosai National Park and Satpara Lake.


2. Kalash Valley

The beautiful Kalash Valley is situated between the Hindu Kush mountain range in Chitral. These wonderful valleys are home to the native and exceptional Kalash people. The fascinating charm of the valley and the extraordinary engineering of the houses and the meadows make this area worth exploring.

Bamburet is the most popular among this elegance valley. Moreover, if you need to observe and encounter the one of a kind Kalash culture, head over to Rumboor and Birir. The Kalash people are supposed to be the relatives of the armed forces of Alexander the Great. Try not to miss the yearly blowout called Chilam Joshi in the event that you are visiting in May.


3. Hunza

It’s a well-known fact that Hunza is home to liberals, a supportive, and a friendly nation. Located in the Karakoram Mountain Range, Hunza includes a few vivid and shocking villages. There are such a lot of meadows, river, fruit gardens, wooden bridges, and glaciers evaded by rocky and snow-covered mountains. Witness soothing nightfall at Duikar, a little town roosting over the valley. Get marvelous picture from the peak of Altit and Baltit strongholds. Or just walk around the excellent roads of Hunza and associate with local people.


4. Karimabad

Karimabad, the fundamental business focus of the valley, has numerous food places, cafés, and shops. Before you leave, must try some local foods from the beautiful streets of Karimabad and also get some wonderful handicrafts at the shops.


5. Naltar Valley

Drive on the Karakoram Highway for 2 hours from Gilgit city will take you to the most beautiful valley of Pakistan Naltar Valley Gilgit. The valley is famous for its eye-catching beauty and sober climate. The snow-covered mountains and hills, waterfalls, landscapes, and its old forest make Naltar worth a retreat. Throughout the colder time of year, Naltar Valley transforms into some other place. The Pakistan Air Force deals with ski resorts that engage in a large number of skiers from across the world every year. The brilliant Bashir Lakes offer enchanting lakeside views, regular earth trails, and cold streams. It is a stunning spot for picnicking. From there book a jeep and visit Pari Lake, a high lake of the town where you can enjoy boating.

Naltar Valley is one of the most beautiful place in Pakistan

6. Phandar Valley

The grand Phandar Valley is famous for its colorful & beautiful waters and spotted woodlands. The views over there are sensational, as is the atmosphere. The very first look at the Phandar valley will release all your movement exhaustion and refresh you. Phandar Valley is the top objective for fishing, setting up camp, swimming, hiking or tracking, and nature strolls. You can have an incredible boating experience in the dark blue water of this lake. The climate of this wonderful valley is generally polite in summer, which is the best and ideal opportunity to visit the valley. The local people of Phandar are affectionate and cooperative. The valley has a lot of restrooms.

phandar-valley - beautiful place in Pakistan

7. Gwadar

Consider white mountains, delightful landscapes, dark blue waters, and sand rises. That is the thing that you’ll see in Gwadar, the excellent port area in the Balochistan region. Get interesting scenes on the fair waters of the Arabian Sea while looking after the Gwadar Port. If this doesn’t excite you, head over to the popular Hammerhead – known as the mass of rock. The sea-green waters of Astola Island can simply be reached on speedboats. In case you are not into scuba diving, and fond of fishing then you can easily go for it and watch dolphins and turtles. Other amazing places to visit around Gwadar like Hingol National Park, The Sphinx of Balochistan, Omara Beach and The Princess of Hope sculpture surely refresh your mind.

gwadar-balochistan - port qasim

8. Swat Valley

However, this valley had a harsh past. But at that time the present and future of Swat Valley are sparkling splendid. This dazzling valley in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area of Pakistan is a straight thing out of a fantasy.

Think green top, dazzling green fields and woodlands, Swat River gives shades of blue so clear, waterfalls and lakes, beautiful roads and small villages you wouldn’t have thought them in real life. The actual glamour of Swat can be found around the Kalam area, which fills in as a base for the tourists to explore the prestige of the valley. Other beautiful places to visit in Swat Valley are:

  1. Malamjabba Top
  2. Boyun Village
  3. Ushu Forest
  4. Bahrain
  5. Kalam Forest
  6. Kandor and Spindhor Lake
  7. Mahodand Lake
swat-bahrain-malamjabba - beautiful northern area

9. Deosai National Park

Most beautiful place of Northern Area in Pakistan, Deosai is commonly invoked as the top of the world. At 4,117 meters (13,497 feet), the gigantic level is the second-most highest on the earth, and is just reachable during summer.

Rambling emerald-green plains, snowy roofs and glassy blue lakes welcome tourists who make the tour to this dazzling spot. The Himalayan Brown Bear calls Deosai its home and has been seen by a huge number of travelers. If you are willing to see them, do camping there. For your information the park charges 40 rupees for Pakistanis and 1,000 rupees for foreigners as an entrance fee of Deosai Plains National Park.

deosai-national-park - Beautiful place in Pakistan northern area

10. Fairy Meadows

Among these beautiful places in Pakistan, nowadays, Fairy Meadows has become very demanding tourist place among the people. The reason is because of its dangerous & wonderful track. Moreover, this place also offers an unbelievable sight of Nanga Parbat that is the 9th highest mountain peak in the world.  Arriving at Fairy Meadows is like a big challenge. In start, the drive begins with a jeep ride across quite possibly the most risky & rough roads on the earth and ends up with a 5 km trek. It’s feasible to lease a camping kit from there, or if you have your own then it is good to stay a day or two in one of Pakistan’s most beautiful places.

nanga-parbat-fairy-meadows beautiful place in Pakistan

Except all these beautiful places in Pakistan, our country also have many tourist spots.

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