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Top Highest Paid Jobs in Pakistan in 2022


Job hunting and job search of highest paid jobs in a hectic task. A good job is the result of good educational background, skills, and market needs.


With time and advancement in technology, different jobs are being offered with different pay ranges. In Pakistan like other countries, many highest-paid jobs are depending upon the quality of work and demand in the market.

Through this article, we get you the best highest-paid jobs in Pakistan.


Right after completing a desirous degree in a specific domain, the next task is to search for a good job with a high pay range. But before going to job search, it is good to know about highly paid jobs in Pakistan. So that choosing a career and moving in the right direction could be easily done.

Below, we get you the top highest-paid jobs in Pakistan. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Charted Accountant:

Accounting is thought to be the most difficult subject since it involves all financial and accounting-related tasks. Moreover, CA resolves the complexity of financial problems.

Charted Accountancy is the highest paid job in Pakistan. In chartered accountancy, different key positions, for example, chief accountant, financial analyst, auditor, and finance manager are famous positions.

The starting salary of an accountant ranges from 75,000 PKR and it goes up to 4.5 lac PKR per month

This girl works as a chartered accountant

2. IT Professional:

In the list 2nd highest paid jobs in Pakistan is for IT professionals. With time and advancement in technology, Pakistan is going up in term of software industry.

A big about of students are graduating from universities in IT and computer science field who are doing a lot of work and efficient performance in software industries so in software houses this job is of higher value it professionals are getting salary ranges from 50000 to 5 lakh per month moreover there is a huge chance of getting promotions and success with depending on your skills and experience

The girl is working in IT

3. MBBS Doctor:

Medical for sure is one of the most pious jobs in the world. Similarly, in MBBS doctor takes 5 to 6 years to become a professional doctor.

In addition, is specializations takes time. In the same, an MBBS doctor ranks third in this list. Their salary ranges from 30,000 PKR up to 0.4 Million PKR. But again it depends on the experience and specialization.

A few most important categories of medical sciences include cardiologist, gynaecology, and neurology related fields. Also, MBBS doctors use to earn from their private clinics and by opening their hospitals as well.

This girl is a successful doctor

4. Marketing Manager:

The success of any organization or business lies in its marketing team and marketing strategies. Hence marketing is the most important element in the success story of any business.

In the same way, marketing ranks fourth in our list of highest-paid jobs in Pakistan in 2022. Salary of marketing member ranges from 30000 to 200000 and with exposure of diverse marketing strategies there are more chances of promotion in the company as well

This girl works as a marketing manager

5. Project Management:

After marketing, it comes project management manager who gets the highest salary in any company.

A company cannot sustain itself without any good project manager. Since a manager is responsible for planning and completing the project.

Also, a good project manager of a good company gets a salary from 30,000 PKR to 150,000 PKR per month. Though tasks of a project manager are not very difficult, complex at the same time.

The reason for the higher payment of a project manager is to think carefully and critically to get the best track and complete the project in time. Hence, this job has a higher value.

Project Manager is a great job


In the above discussion, we get you the 5 highest salary jobs in Pakistan. Jobs are available depending upon the value in the market and skills a person has.

It is not mandatory to keep moving with the above-stated jobs. Instead, you should follow your passion. Also, you can put your passion to go into the field.

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