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Top 10 Lollywood Stars in Most Controversies of all the time

Pakistani film and drama stars in most controversies are not lacking but here we are looking at the top 10 Lollywood stars. Every celebrity on this list is most likely going to be familiar to most.

10. Qandeel Baloch

Both controversial and tragic Qandeel takes our last spot on this list with a lot of dispute related to her personal life. Her end due to being honor killed by her own brother. Although very bold should not have been the cause of her death. Sadly, she is the final controversial figure in the list of Lollywood Stars.

Lollywood actor Qandeel Baloch - top 10 Lollywood star controversies

9. Fawad Khan

Exceptionally Fawad has more controversy revolving around him than controversy related to him. Many allegations have been thrown against him but nothing has been proven so far. His work is amazing but since the media is never satisfied. And they are trying to put his name in the red list.

Bollywood and Lollywood star - Fawad Khan - top 10 Lollywood star controversies

8. Mathira Mohammad

From featuring in a josh condom advertisement to wearing revealing clothing she is surrounded with controversy especially for Pakistani women. She is very bold in every sense and subject to scrutiny from the Pakistani people. She is a well-known actress and is praised for much of her work but she is not far from controversy.

Mathira Mohammad

7. Khalil Ur Rehman

With a temper and his own way of dealing with women, Khalil is not lacking in controversy. While having extramarital activity accusations yet, his talent and skills in film and drama direction and writing is notable and impressive. He does indeed speak bluntly and sometimes even went to lengths.

Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar drama writer - top 10 Lollywood star controversies

6. Mehwish Hayat

We found this gorgeous lady at number 6 among top 10 Lollywood stars controversies. Mehwish Hayat is a part of the feminist movement as well as having a very bold career history. She makes it at number 6 in our list. With many fans noticing a change in her looks and relating it to cosmetic surgeries. She is having a very open-nature Instagram account with many pictures that majority of the people do not fully agree with.

Drama and Film star Mehwish Hayat - top 10 Lollywood star controversies

5. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Facing proven money smuggling charges his popularity took a gigantic hit. He is a great and very popular Pakistani singer but not even that would be a saving grace from the opinion of his previous and current fans. He is on our list even with his talent.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Pakistani singer - top 10 Lollywood star controversies

4. Shaan Shahid

Always controversial and never afraid to give his opinion which is usually objective not afraid to speak even when it does not favor him and even when he gets a huge backlash for it by feminists and movie and series fans alike he is not the most pleasant for the ears but he is surely a talented actor and he is our top 4 spot in the Lollywood Stars in Most Controversies.

Shan Shahid Punjabi film industry actor - top 10 Lollywood star controversies

3. Veena Malik

 A 26-year sentence for blasphemy in accordance with Islam scripture revealing photoshoots, and behavior that is to most considered inappropriate, but she makes it in our list. As the third of the Lollywood Stars in most controversies largely subject to scrutiny. Still, she recently is staying away from trouble and that is good.

veena Malik - top 10 Lollywood star controversies

2. Meera (Irtiza Rubab)

Among the list of top 10 Lollywood stars Meera stands at number 2. An alleged second marriage accusation without an initial divorce from her first husband. She is famous for lying her way out of trouble with a very high net worth and life in the USA. She does not miss a chance to complain about the USA even while being a resident there. It’s an interesting way of life but the one word here that fits is controversial.

Meera (Irtiza Rubab) second marriage allegation

1. Humayun Saeed

Humayun is a veteran actor in Pakistan film and drama industry. Although he should be more recognized for his work and films. He was a part of people who mostly know him from his encounters with women and the scene of him getting kicked out of the house by his wife. While his wife beat the girl he was with her at that time. He is immensely talented when it comes to women he does not have the best track record.

Humayun Saeed greatest actor of Pakistani Film industry

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