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Top 10 Best International Airports In The World 2021

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People are always in a rush to return to their homes. However, some airports have the power to make travelers happy even before they board the plane. Putting us in the festive spirit even before we get there. Rooftop pools, art galleries, hypermarkets, theatres, and live music venues are commonplace in airports where we may find everything we need to unwind while flying. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best International airports for your enjoyment.

10- Incheon International Airport

Guess who is at number 10 among the list of top 10 best International airports in the world. This immense international airport is one of South Korea’s most extensive. It is one of the best airports and a busy airport. A casino, a golf course, a spa, and indoor gardens are available at Incheon Airport. This airport offers us a nap if we wait longer. We can also get free toothpaste, toothbrushes, hairdryers, soap, and towels from the free showers.

The terminal has darkened reclining lounges where we can rest. Shops, restaurants, and cultural acts are available in Incheon. Moreover, the airport has a Korean cultural museum.

We can visit some traditional gardens. There is never a dull moment during our Incheon stay. Seven eco-gardens, a 72-hole golf course, and a synthetic ice rink make this airport one of the coolest. The airport has received five stars from Skytrax for being the cleanest and most elite in the country. There are several ways to immerse ourselves in their culture, including masque-dance performances.

Incheon International Airport

9- Singapore Changi Airport

Changi Airport in Singapore is one of the best airports in the world. Changi Airport’s botanical garden is notable for its waterways. Additionally, we can unwind in the movie theatre, 24-hour spas, or rooftop swimming pool. Unsurprisingly, this airport has been named the World’s Best Airport for a record six consecutive years by Skytrax World Airport Awards.

Changi Airport is one of Southeast Asia’s main transit hubs and a vital cog in Singapore’s thriving economy. The airport’s extravagant services, efficient management, stunning architecture, and plenty of food and shopping opportunities encourage passengers to come back.

There are about a thousand butterflies in the sunflower garden. Over 100 different types and varieties of succulents may be found on the roof of the building and in an orchid garden. And the good times don’t end there. But, on the other hand, these airports will give travelers the impression that they’ve already arrived somewhere else.

Singapore Changi Airport

8- Hong Kong International Airport

This airport is located on the artificial island of Chek Lap Kok, off the coast of Hong Kong. Start with Hong Kong’s airport. This airport’s most unique feature is the Aviation Discovery Center, a tiny aviation museum with interactive rides and simulators.

The airport also houses China’s largest Imax theatre! SkyCity Nine Eagles golf and GreenLiveAir virtual golf simulation room for sports lovers. It also has an educational park for kids. Plus, get a complimentary beverage at Lan Kwai Fong Bar. It’s more famous for its immensity, efficiency, and best ambitious design.

In addition to the IMAX theatre, there is an aromatherapy massage, a virtual golf course, and dozens of stores. So we won’t get bored at this one of the best  International Airport.

Hong Kong International Airport

7- Munich Airport

It is one of the world’s most important airports and the second busiest in Germany. Likewise, It also has exceptional cuisine and beverages. It has a brewery inside the airport that serves seven different beers on tap. Moreover,  It also contains a mini-golf course, aviation models, and a giant slide.

Tournaments such as beach volleyball, children’s parties, and a Christmas market are held throughout the year, as are other events such as concerts. Munich International Airport serves as a central hub for Lufthansa and is distinguished by its open, glass-heavy design.

Munich Airport features two passenger terminals and two 4,000 m long parallel runways that handle 90 aircraft operations per hour. In May 2015, Munich Airport became Skytrax’s first 5-Star airport outside Asia. We can consider it the coolest airport.

Munich Airport

6- Kuala Lumpur International Airport

The International Airport in Kuala Lumpur can legitimately claim that it is situated in the middle of a jungle. In total, there are two terminals: the original KLIA Main terminal and the brand new klia2. It is more well-known for its multiple televisions and free WiFi than for anything else. Moreover, it also has a fantastic shopping mall.

The items inside the Satellite Terminal gardens, such as the Jungle Boardwalk and the palm trees housed in circular glass, generally take the tourists’ breath away.

Travelers can get a massage or treatment at the airport spa. In case the mall loses its charm, we can relax at the Capsule Transit Airport Hotel. We may also store our luggage in the terminal hotel. This motel has capsule beds and showers. It is also Malaysia’s busiest and largest airport and the world’s 23rd busiest. Malaysia Airports (MAHB) operated it.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

5- London Heathrow Airport

Further, in this article of top 10 best International airports in the world 2021. London Heathrow airport is at number 5. According to passenger traffic, it is the United Kingdom’s and Europe’s busiest airports, and most visitors come to travel. However, a large number of tourists to London Heathrow Airport do so for the food. This airport, the world’s seventh busiest, serves as the hub for Virgin Atlantic and British Airways.

Every 45 seconds, a plane departs or arrives. Additionally, the airport’s most common flight destinations include Dubai (DBX), Dublin (DUB), New York (JFK), Amsterdam (AMS), and Hong Kong (HKG). Although it has six terminals, only five are accessible to the public. This airport’s Terminal 6 is tiny, and it is only open to heads of state, foreign dignitaries, royal family members, and a few celebrities.

It is 4.74 sq miles in size. The airport also has a resident press corps with one TV crew, six photographers, and major newspapers and television stations—a bustling departure gate with a hidden “ghost” railway station.

This airport’s control tower is tall. It has two runways and resurfaces each runway every ten years. In addition, Heathrow has a sculpture display, stores at each terminal, and international designer retailers. This airport is famous for its shopping and restaurants. It is also one of the world’s five best airports.

London Heathrow Airport

4- McCarran International Airport

Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 are the two terminals of the Long Beach International Airport (LAS). This airport offers a wide range of services and amenities to meet the needs of all passengers. Southern Nevada has a long history of private and commercial aviation, showcased in this museum. To pass the time, there are slot machines scattered throughout the airport. The city of LAS also has a brewery, local restaurants, and bars for visitors to choose from.

North America, Europe, and Asia are all served by nonstop flights from this airport. All of the airport runways now have concrete resurfacing. Tramlines include the green, blue, and red lines in addition to these. Parking costs are cheaper at airports.

McCarran International Airport provides a free shuttle service between terminals starting at Level 0. Atlantic Aviation and Signature Flight Support both have fixed-base operations at the airport, but they cater to different private aircraft types.

FedEx Express and UPS Airlines are the cargo airlines serving McCarran International Airport. In addition, helicopter companies including Sundance, Maverick, and Papillon Grand Canyon may operate out of McCarran International Airport. Waiting passengers can park free of charge in the airport’s cellphone lot. Sculptures in glass and concrete and works by children adorn the airport’s five art exhibits.

McCarran International Airport

3- Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport

If we want to enjoy some great food and WiFi, this airport’s airport lounges are the ideal option. There is an airport code for this location: BKK. It has 130 passport control checkpoints for arrivals and 72 passport control checkpoints for departures.

There are 107 movable walkways in the building underground. This airport was designed by Murphy/Jahn Architects and can handle 76 flights per hour. The airport terminal can accommodate both international and domestic flights, but they must be separated into different concourse areas. The 600-room hotel was managed by Accor Group under the Novotel Suvarnabhumi brand and can be found on top of the subway station and the front of the passenger terminal building.

The cantilevered roof of the airport’s main terminal was designed using structural elements and bays. As a result, it’s one of the top 100 airports in the world right now, according to 2019. Customer issues included:

  • A lack of chairs and phone charging stations.
  • Problems with the transit day room.
  • A lack of permanent English-speaking employees.
  • Long immigration wait times.

Due to these issues, the airport’s status has remained stagnant for six years. People’s Alliance for Democracy occupied the airport illegally. It lacks amenities like pools and museums.

This airport is one of the world’s busiest, best and offers calmer flight transitions for customers. There is an overnight service hotel. The airport cuisine ranges from fast meals to Thai and Asian restaurants. While we wait, we can take the in-airport train to the city from the lower level. No matter what time it is, Bangkok is always alive.

Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport

2- Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport is excellent for those seeking high-speed Internet access and quick check-ins. Additionally, Dubai international airport is one of the busiest for travelers, with flights to over 260 locations! The airport’s smart gates enable travelers to bypass the typically lengthy waits. Additionally, a walkthrough, which can significantly speed the check-in process. It has superb food options and is also one of the most comfortable airports.

It also features several stores, parks, indoor ‘Zen’ gardens, and a health club with a swimming pool, gym, and sauna.

If we want to relax or sleep while waiting for our flight, we can rent a Snooze cube, a comfortable sleep pod with a TV and WiFi. It’s the world’s fastest-growing aviation center. Qantas, Emirates, and Fly Dubai all use DXB as a hub. This airport also has the world’s largest duty-free retail.

Dubai International Airport

1- Samui International Airport

Samui International Airport stands at 1st place among top 10 best International airports in the world. This airport features one of the world’s most unique designs. Bangkok Airways, which privately owned them, strategically positioned the facility on one of the country’s most popular island hotspots, facilitating access. This great airport also happens to be one of the best airports.

The airport’s structures were mainly constructed out of bamboo and thatch. Tropical flowers in airport terminals create an exotic vacation atmosphere. However, due to the operation’s small size and private ownership, check-in and baggage collection continue to take time.

There are a few cafes and boutique businesses and a food court with a cultural focus called Samui Park Avenue, where we may eat and shop. This tropical sanctuary in the Gulf of Thailand possesses a plethora of desirable attributes and qualities. Thailand’s largest island, Koh Samui, is surrounded by a gorgeous low gem.

Additionally, it offers daily international flights to important cities throughout Asia, including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. From mid-January to August, the most incredible time to visit this airport. Domestic and international flights depart from the airport’s two terminals. Bangkok Airways, Berjaya Air, SilkAir, and Tibet Carriers are among the airlines at this airport. It occasionally cools the terminals by natural airflow.

Samui International Airport

In addition to the top 10 best International airports, you can also find top most beautiful cities in the world.

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