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Top 10 Influential American Journalists of Today

Here we are going to cover top 10 influential American journalists of today.

10. Ricardo Sánchez – US Famous Journalist

Cuban journalist and one of the lead anchors of RT America who previously worked for Fox news with RT America. Flourishing as one of the top news sources in the world with over 500 thousand unique users.

His show “the news with Rick Sanchez” brings viewers from all over the world and for good reason his content is always trustworthy authentic and well-studied. No fake news there, just the good old fashion journalism. We all love and the proof is the amazing growth RT America has had recently.

Ricardo Sánchez - US Famous Journalist

9. Walter Cronkite

With many Americans calling him the most trusted man in America. Walter makes it at 9th place in the top 10 influential American journalists list. For 19 years he was part of the CBS event news with calm and focus. He is one of the best fits for political news and channels while him being a journalist which helped him reach amazing heights in his career.

Walter Cronkite - Most trusted and influential American Journalist

Another member of the RT America news outlet and one of the most professional and authentic journalists there. Moreover, valuing rational thoughts and proof over the popular modern journalism not afraid to cover controversial topics and even conspiracy theories nothing is off limits with this journalist and he earns the eight spot with flying colors in our list.

Ben Swann - Popular Modern American Journalist

7. Hunter S Thompson

Considered the founder of Gonzo Journalism which mirrored his way of life. His intellect that allowed him to revolutionize journalism as well as his fearlessness. Further, when it comes to his choice of words with the “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” considered one of his greatest works. His career was new exiting and he showed people a style of journalism they never knew or saw before.

Hunter S Thompson - Stylish US news reporter

6. Neil Budde – Business Journalist

High tech publisher and Journalist Neil Budde makes it at number 6 in this list of US news anchors’ ranking. With humble origins being born in the Chicago suburb. Additionally, named as Business Journalist of the year and is one of four finalists for the World Technology Awards. His career was in no way lacking and he became a leading figure in Technology related journalism.

Neil Budde - Business American Journalist

5. George Polk – CBS American News Anchor

In addition to this list, CBS journalist that dies in 1948 in the Greek civil war with even the CIA abandoning his murder case and destroying the Freedom of Information Act files for his case. He was brave enough to report the news even in the heart of a civil war that has shown journalism dedication which makes him a must mention in our ranking.

George Polk - CBS American News Anchor

4. Bob Woodward

Washington post investigative journalist and another Chicago suburb journalist Bob Woodward. Achieving the Pulitzer Prize for his paper coverage of the repercussions of 9/11 for the US in 2001. While witnessing both the Bush era and the Obama era. On the other hand, being a strong opposer to Donald Trump and the republican party he is an interesting figure in our list.

Bob Woodward - Washington post investigate reporter - famous American Journalist

3. Carl Bernstein – US Investigate Reporter

Carl Bernstein is an investigative reporter and Bob Woodward is known for reporting the 1970s Watergate scandal. Which resulted in the resignation of President Richard Nixon, being awarded the Pulitzer Prize for journalism in 1973. As a result, the primary cause of that resignation makes him a prominent figure in journalism.

Carl Bernstein - US Investigate Reporter

2. Ernie Pyle – Leading American Journalist

Another winner of a Pulitzer Prize and a leading journalist at the time of World War 2 and a WW2 correspondent. His work was mostly revolved around the struggling of united states soldiers on the field of war. In the second place, his syndicated column was published across the entire US at that time shedding light on how WW2 was for the American soldiers.

Ernie Pyle - Leading influential American Journalist

1. Seymour Hersh

Seymour Hersh is a journalist and political author. It should be noted that he was a contributor to The American magazine on national security matters and has conjointly written for the London Review of Books since 2013. He mainly focused on the USA foreign affairs and involvements with 2 of his most prominent works about the My Lai Massacre as well as the Abu Gharib prison scandal.

Seymour Hersh - American Journalist

Some of the above mentioned Journalists are crime reporters as well. You can get the details of the famous criminals that these reporters cover.

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