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Top 10 Beautiful, Sexiest and Hottest Female Athletes

When we are at work, we have some duties to fulfill. We rank depending upon our performance but in this article, analysis is done by ranking the sexiest female athletes in the world. This ranking is independent of their athletic skills instead we have ranked them with respect to the hotness factor. Following is the list of top 10 hottest female athletes in various sports.

Stephanie Gilmore:

An Australian surfer started her athletic life back in 2005. She has won 7 world championships and gold medals. She has a huge fan following. With the progress of her career, she involved in working on environmental actions and worked as an outspoken advocate to protect oceans. All this made her rank at the top of the list in our article.

Stephanie Gilmore Australian female athlete

Lindsey Caroline Vonn:

Lindsay is an American ski racer with a record of winning four (4) world cup championships. she owns a record of constructive three (3) winnings in 2008, 9, and 10. She also earned a gold medal at the Winter Olympic 2010, it was an award for America as she was the first-ever American woman who got this gold medal. She carries a record of being the most successful American skier in history.

Lindsey Caroline Vonn American Ski Racer athlete

Danica Sue Patrick:

Following the list of hottest female athletes Danica Sue Patrick is at number 3. Danica is an American auto racing driver, she also works as a model. She is one of the most successful women in American history for being- wheel race driver. She competed as a driver in series from 2005 – 2011. In 2012, she raced in the NASCAR series, right after 1 year she became the first female NASCAR driver to win the NASCAR cup series. Her name was populated as Rookie for winning two championships in the year 2005. She also holds the record of most consecutive car races running till the finish.

Danica Sue Patrick hottest female athlete

Naomi Osaka:

A Japanese tennis player who was the first Asian tennis player ranked top on the women’s tennis association world ranking list. With an amazing and hot athletic look in addition to multi-racial background, Naomi has got an equal and beautiful look to get the attraction.

Naomi Osaka first Asian tennis player

Leticia Bufoni:

Brazilian athlete master in Skate Boarding with the here hottest figure is at fifth place in this list. Earlier than 28 years old, she earned 6 gold medals at the X Games. She loves getting tattoos on her body, and she loves to post this passion on her social media. These tattoos make her body more prominent and good-looking.

Leticia Bufoni sexy athlete

Alex Morgan:

Alex has been an American football player and gold medal winner from the Olympics. She has played for the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) Portland and United States women’s national soccer team. She was only 22 and known for the award of youngest player at national team FIFA Women World Cup 2011. Additionally in 2012, she was awarded the name US Soccer Female Athlete of the Year and also she got successful in getting the FIFA World Player of the year award. She has dignified looks that attract people.

Alex Morgan beautiful female athlete

Ellen Hoog:

Ellen Hoog is a hockey player from Dutch, she has been a member of the Netherland women’s national field hockey team. She played it as a part of the Dutch squad and earned World Cup Championship in 2016. She has a brilliant record in hockey by doing amazing goals.

Ellen Hoog sexy female hockey player

Ivona Dadic:

Ivona is an Australian master heptathlon athlete, which is a challenging game itself. She has an amazing body and she is at 8th number in our list depending on her hotness factor.

Ivona Dadic Australian master heptathlon athlete

Maria Sarapova:

Maria is a wonderful Russian tennis player and is currently at number VIII in the list of the world’s top tennis players. She has done an amazing job in her field by winning the 2019 Women Tennis Association world cup title. Along with it, she is famous all over the world and actively enrolled in a huge number of brand advertisements and social activities.

Maria Sarapova Russian Tennis player

Sophie Horn:

Here we have Sophie Horn the hottest female athlete at 10th position. British golfer and well-qualified personal trainer Sophie is an amazing person and athlete. Furthermore, she had won under 21 golf titles and she was only 15 when she achieved Midland Golf Championship. She is enrolled in a number of activities where she got interviewed for magazines and websites all over the world, she has a huge fan following too.

Sophie Horn Sexiest Professional Female Golfer

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