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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Most Popular Programming Languages in 2021

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Programming languages come in many levels of complexity, usability as well as syntactic sugar. Basically added syntax to simplify how certain parts of code is written to make it easier on developers. Somehow coding is the way to build software and applications to make the lives of people easier and to automate tedious things that would generally be very tedious to do. Take a look on the most popular programming languages in 2021.

C sharp – Computer Programming Language

One of the best computer language by far. It opens a whole world of possibilities which allows the programmers to seamlessly transition from web development to game development to software development. Since C# alongside the .NET framework. Microsoft which has a goal of building an ecosystem operates this framework. Moreover, that does not require programmers to learn languages outside of what they provide.

The only downfall is it is a heavy lockdown for programmers. Almost every technology is available through the Microsoft ecosystem. But C# can pretty much handle anything and everything in our modern time.

C sharp - Computer Programming Language

Python Django

Originally built as a language that helps in mathematics and statistics. Python that named after Monty Python gained a gigantic surge in popularity. Especially in the analytics field where it pretty much takes the crown alongside frameworks like Django. Most of the websites that are made to gather data and analyze it to provide the best service for the consumer.

Python is one of the most popular programming languages but its only issue is it is slightly limited in what it can do. In the second place, it is a general-purpose programming language but it lacks old school ways of coding. So even if it is an amazing coding language in terms of security and stability. It does not compare to more well-established software developing languages like Java and C++. Even with a java-based version of Python it still did not reach its goal of attracting a large number of the java community.

Python Django

C ++ | Iconic Programming Language

Easily one of the most iconic programming languages initially called C with classes C ++. It is one of the most durable and here to stay application development and software development languages. Most experience programmers call C++ OOP as in overpowered. Additionally it simply can do anything and everything in the proper hands without worrying about any technical issues. Further this language does not have a garbage collector so you have full undivided control over everything your program does.

In good hands, nothing and no language compare to C++ with maybe the slight exception of regular C language. But the time it takes to build projects on C just, is not reasonable given our modern times for large scale applications.

C ++ | Iconic Programming Language


This list would not be complete without Java and it actually was a tough call between java and JavaScript. This language has proven to be a syntactic and security mess with almost everything requiring some form of workaround. Even the Let keyword in itself is just multiple workarounds to reach some degree of security. JavaScript runs on the browser unlike Java. Java has years and years of experienced developers using it and a lot of documentation related to old school programs it simply is better.


Additional info

Some of you may throw the argument JavaScript and Java was not made to do the same thing. We should not compare but the reality is JavaScript took its name from java to appeal to Java developers. Now the time is changing and JavaScript may not be as popular as it was in the past. Especially with new developers while Java makes up for its complexity in security and power.

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