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SEO Vs PPC – Which one is better?

In the previous chapter, we have seen that what is SEO and PPC? We have gone through a detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of both models. This topic has been a debatable topic for many years, to discuss which one is better. Let’s have a look at a few factors about SEO vs PPC. But before moving on, we must know that the pros and cons of any model guarantee that it is implementable at some places and it is not visible in some cases.

Lets start with some of the major and important comparison for SEO vs PPC.

SEO vs PPC comparison

Finance Involvement:

Investment is something that is a prime factor of any business and profit, what a businessman expects from the business. If you have good finance to invest in your advertisement, you can use a PPC ads campaign. Because huge traffic on your website will need you to pay more. On the other hand, SEO takes one-time money and works for a long time. So if you are having small investment to put in your business for advertisement you can use SEO.

Time Consumption:

The second most important factor in deciding the best strategy for advertisement is time consumption. If you have enough time to wait for the results you can use SEO and if you want quick results you should use PPC.

Activation/ Results:

In case if you need a well-boosted method of advertisement and you want quicker results then you should go with the Pay Per Click advertisement campaign. Else if you have time to hold on for results and you are patient enough to wait for the model activation you should go with SEO practices.

Life Cycle:

The life cycle of a model, SEO is a better choice as compared to the PPC model. Because SEO lasts for a longer time even if it is turned off. On the other hand as soon as ads are removed or turned off in PPC model then the entire progress is lost. Moreover, when a website start ranking on a search engine, it will remain there as optimized research for a long time unless some other websites take lead. While in PPC ads will be shown to the viewers on the basis of keywords and related searches. So, there is no optimization case in PPC. Hence in long-lasting results and long-lasting life cycle of model SEO is the better choice.

Still difficult to find which one is better? Brainstorm and know your available resources. Then make a good marketing plan, it will let you know your direction. Also it will become much easier to compare SEO vs PPC and decide which is better for your brand advertisement. Hopefully, it will make you decide faster.

What is PPC data research?

Pay-per-click advertisement methodology has been a very good choice when it is about increasing web traffic, making your brand well recognized, adding a reasonable investment to your business, getting quicker results, and growing your business exponentially. While talking about PPC data research, we better know that it works on the basis of keyword searches. The better keyword you will list in making ads, the better traffic you will gain.

What is PPC data research?

As a matter of fact, this model is a game of keywords. There are different techniques to do keyword research for better advertisement designing. Few tactics with tips and tricks for PPC keyword research are explained below:

1. Idea Brainstorming:

The first and foremost keyword research step is finding an idea to advertise your product. This scheme being a keyword-based searching advertising model. It is the best idea to make product-specific keywords to target your perfect audience. Related keywords that link user searches with your product or services for example if you own a toy shop and the customer searches the word ‘remote control car’.  So, the words ‘remote control car’ may be a specific keyword for your online store.

Making a huge list of highly intended keywords would make your position stronger in getting you a chance for your ad to portray the brand’s ads upon the viewer’s screen.

2. Market Competitor:

Market competition is a thing that has brought us to do advertisement to reach an audience. Let’s say if there was no competition among different brands in the market there would never be need of advertisement to get a perfect match for your product our services. So, keeping an eye on the market strategies and your competitors is an important factor to manipulate while writing PPC advertisements.

It is a needful and sensible act because pay-per-click advertisement charges you for the ads that are reached to the customers when they click it. Hence it is our responsibility to analyze market competitors, use highly product-specific and intended keywords directions to chase as much traffic as we can and get perfect results from this scheme.

3. Extended Keyword List:

An extended keyword list specifies a bunch of words for a specific search. You can call it a dictionary of similar words that we can use as an alternative meaning of a specific word / search. For an online clothes store, there could be different searches like t-shirt, official pant, shorts, underwear, jeans, pant coat, three- piece suit, and two- piece suit etc. So, you make an extended list of keywords in order to populate your searches which will help you increase your attention of the seekers.

Keyword Researching Tools:

There are different keyword searching tools available in the market, you can go for Google Keyword’s Planner tool to get a bunch of keywords for a specific word. You can also check keywords with the help of search tabs. When you write something on the search engine tab, there are different answers from a search engine in the bottom line. Where ‘related searches’ explain words that mostly used in finding keywords and you can utilize them as your specific product to extend your library.

The utilization of short-tail keywords is more efficient and helpful in encashing traffic and these words are extremely competitive at the same time. While long-tail keywords seem boring and they are not much efficient in getting the attention of users. For example, if you have a food shop, your customer will not search for a complete menu for a dish in the search bar. Instead they will write ‘cheap food’, ‘spicy food’ or ‘delicious food’ words. At the end, working on this side of keyword writing would definitely give help you extending your keyboard list and getting targeted market.

What is the usefulness of PPC & SEO data analytics?

In the previous entire discussion, we have seen that PPC has a lot of advantages over a few disadvantages. In another sort of advertising scheme, you have to pay even to bid for an ad. But with this model, progress is guaranteed with the most reasonable prices in terms you will pay for the ad. Furthermore, the most recent and relevant information will provide to you about the ad. You get to know about the progress either you are getting the ideal views or not. It is an easy way to catch traffic for your website. Simply monitor your performance, and divert your directions if you see any changes or suggestions to make.

PPC & SEO data analytics

As already described the data analysis is necessary to make the strategies about the keywords and ads. There are different uses of data analysis which are coming below in detail.

Page Optimization Possibilities:

Ranking web pages in terms of getting more views is an optimization possibility. When you use this campaign you get clicks you pay for the advertisement on your website. With the help of this technique you get the purpose, your viewer converts into your customers, your brand gets more sales and you become popular in the market.

Reach The Right Audience:

With the help of the PPC advertisement scheme, you target the right audience with the help of keywords used in the advertisement. When your ads target the right audience you get the best results you are expecting. For higher the percentage of clicks buy right audience will lower the cost of your ad. Because you will be getting popularity and will be getting a package of advertisement where higher the clicks, and lower the prices.

Control Your Budget, Performance, and Position:

In advertisement channels other than PPC you are bound to follow the instructions of that ad agency. But Google AdSense gives you the authority to control your performance control, your audience, and control your budget very precisely. When your position becomes stronger in the market, you will rank better. It proves that data analysis is a very useful method to choose a specific keyword with intended thoughts to pin on the right audience.

Factors That Lose Your Performance

Now talk about the factors losing the web performance following SEO vs PPC comparison. With every tool, there are different tips that are given by the designers to get the best performance out of them. At the same time, there are a few factors that lower down the performance of advertisements if you practice them. Below are a few reasons/ factors that describes you the performance of your advertisement strategy will decrease gradually.

SEO and PPC Performance

Quality of Advertisement:

Whenever you write an advertisement, you must seek the rules suggested by the publishing authorities. If your advertisement doesn’t score up to a quality mark, this will ruin your strategy. Even if you have played a very fine game. You must follow all those rules that publishers define before writing any advertisement to perfume good ‘score quality’.

Negative Keywords:

Keywords that can lead the advertisement schema to refer them in another direction are known as negative keywords. Double-meaning words are also considered native keywords for the respective advertisement. It is a prime responsibility of the writer to write specific, and concise keywords that are positive and targeted to the related search.

While writing an advertisement, we must avoid the use of negative keywords or those words that have double meanings. This content leads the advertisement in another direction and you might lose the consent of writing it.

Search Volume and Search Value:

As comparing SEO vs PPC, planning search volume and search value are fundamental parts. The higher the research volume of a product the more people are watching that ad. But your goal should not be thriving for the huge audience instead it should get a valuable audience. This means it will be most relevant to the product instead of catching a huge volume of the audience.

All above mentioned points are the major comparison of SEO vs PPC. Now it’s all upto you which technique you will adopt to grow your business.

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