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National Technology Day


Nations celebrate their achievements memorize the victory of getting success in the field of technology. National Technology Day is a time span over twenty-four hours. When we replenish the moments of advancement in IT on the work that has made our lives efficient and sophisticated.


Evolution in technology has brought in Pakistan as well as in Asia depending on time and vary with country. Societies celebrate accordance with the best practices of technology implementation in respective countries. Technology usage in any state or place has contributed to boosting a country’s economy, power, and employment. Also improvement in digitalization of systems, security of national data warehouses, and time efficiency.

National Technology Day

What is the date to Celebrate Information Technology Day?

As explained earlier that we cherish the IT day on the basis of specific technology launching. Hence India celebrates its national technology day on May 11 every year. Similarly, Pakistan celebrates this day on May 28 every year. On the same day Pakistan also celebrates nuclear power day named “The Day of Greatness”.

Moreover, technology is further divided into multiple categories like engineering, medical, science, communication, etc. Among all these information technology is the most demanding tech side nowadays.

Infect, in today’s world every single area of interest is using this form of technology. IT started its evolution from radio and manual telephones. And now modern wireless smartphones have replaced them with much more efficient and useful features.

National IT Day

National IT Day is an acknowledgment of work done on the enhancement of software performances. Using unique ideas, implementation of underground realities, and replication of human activities on lifeless creatures.

Today’s world has learned a lot of changes with the passage of time. As a result make improvements in technology as compared to life a few decades ago. Nations proud of having better and prominent facilities for their coming generations. Along with the means of facilities we can think of technology and education.

On the other hand, countries that worked on their education are for sure the best countries. Produce top class engineers, researchers, leaders, scientists, and all big names.

Education is the sense that gives a human the ability to learn and seek new things. At the same time if means of IT accommodates with the educational system, one can think of the efficiency and output of this mesmerizing mix.

information technology in education system

Information technology has a vast amount of uses in the file of business administration. Banking systems that were almost unknown back a few centuries ago, have been given huge importance.

In the present time, this become the strongest pillars in establishing super banking connections and customers. Now people do more banking due to efficient working and artificially intelligent behavior of the systems. Technology is a way to express your ideas.

Live demonstration of this thinking is the availability of a huge amount of gadgets. These useful devices are very efficient, entertaining, time-saving, and time passing tools.

Using smart applications, games, software, tools, and all tiny and cost-efficient tools we can schedule an almost perfect life routine. In the present era, no one would be unaware of the use of technology in his life.

Information technology in banking

Though National Technology Day is a celebration of a country having an accomplishment of a specific root. It is something that makes the respective country feel proud on international forums.

We Pakistani better know where we stand if there is a discussion on today’s technology. In comparison to internationally recognized countries among technology usage and development, Pakistan is far behind.

Every human-created thing in this universe has pros and cons. Similarly, information technology has many bad effects on the environment when it gives numerous benefits to the entire humanity. It is our responsibility how we consume it. We should be more focused and directed to the positive effects of it. We should work hard and fair enough to make our country feel proud. Furthermore we are trying to list Pakistan among top-rated technology consuming and producing countries.

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