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Most Popular Programming Frameworks

Frameworks provide an environment that focuses on higher productivity and stability. It opens doors for everyone who already is well-found in at least one programming language. Frameworks range from web development to game development as well as for analytics with frameworks like Django. But in the end, it comes down to the need of the developer and what they wish to achieve. We have filtered some of the most popular programming frameworks for the developers.

.NET framework

By far one of the best frameworks available, opening the doors for web development with .NET core which is now recently integrated within the .NET framework. As well as it provides the capability of transitioning websites and web apps to mobile applications. It is also giving the capability to build video games through unity and C# which both require the .NET framework to function needless to say with .NET you can do just about anything you want and Microsoft constantly looks for new ways to lock you in their ecosystem.

Microsoft .NET framework

Vue.JS – Angular and React Frameworks

Although not as powerful as the 2 other frameworks namely Angular and React. Vue simply provides a huge amount of utility and is very welcoming and easy to learn. Since to achieve a project in Vue you usually need only 20% of the time you take in Angular and 60% of the time you take in React. So what takes you 1 week in Vue will take you 2 months in Angular which is a gigantic difference.

With Vue being so straightforward and with it being widely adopted and having a lot of documentation and content creators providing videos about it, Vue and React surpass Angular in that aspect.

Vue.JS - Angular and React Frameworks

Laravel – PHP Framework

Since PHP is widely using for better or for worse Laravel simply makes all your work simpler. And it is one of the most popular programming frameworks with its easy way to integrate API’S like CRUD and RESTful APIs without having to go through the hassle of developing it from the start.

With Laravel you won’t need to reinvent the wheel. All you need to do is go in with your knowledge in PHP and see how simpler stuff this makes for you.

Laravel - PHP Framework

Spring – MVC Framework

Another MVC framework and also one of the most popular programming frameworks mainly uses Java as its core language. With things like Java expert scan which is a tool programmers use to develop large applications. This can handle a gigantic number of users.

Spring is a very popular framework and Java is one of the most widely using and popular languages in the world. If this is constantly taken care of and becomes more developer-friendly in the future. It might become the best and most adopting in the near future.

Spring - MVC Framework


Another popular framework that utilizes Dart as its core programming language. It offers many advantages over JavaScript, especially when it comes to security. Flutter is one of the easiest frameworks to adopt with one of the easiest languages to learn which is Dart.

Don’t be fooled though Dart is not weak or bad just because it is simple neither is Flutter since Dart addresses many of the issues of JavaScript it has become very popular and it will keep growing as time goes by, with flutter you can build cross-platform front-end designs and implementations which makes your life much easier and will allow focusing on coding once instead of having to code the same thing on multiple platforms.

Just like with all topics at the end of the day preference and comfort play a big role in deciding what will do or use in life. So don’t be afraid to test and pick the most comfortable environment for yourself.


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