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Most Popular Ethical Hacking Software Today

In our day and age security has become the most popular and serious topic we have to discuss. We all value our privacy even if many won’t admit it. But nobody wants their private information out in the open. Although this article is about most popular ethical hacking software. These same tools can be used for malign purposes which are not something people should do.

What is Ethical hacking?

Penetration testing or ethical hacking is simply a hacker or generally a person with network security knowledge trying to breach a system whether it is a website, a computer program, an email account, or others. This hacker will report the breach to the respected owners of the program or entity that was breached to create a fix for it.

An unethical hacker or simply a hacker will usually and almost always use his skills for evil or selfish purposes or personal gain with slight exceptions regular hackers are not the best of people.

Every hacker requires a software and here are some of the software they use but remember these are some popular ones among many others:

1. Netsparker

Mainly used to test website security and with it having a capability to automatically detect SQL injections and XSS (cross-site scripting). It stands at number 1 in this list with it being a must-have for any website owner or hacker because it ensures security.

2. SaferVPN

Although on the own VPN’S do not work and are not reliable. When it comes to security not to mention the issues with the providers and their terms of service. Safer VPN is one of the most useful multipurpose VPNs which is also useful for regular software development. Since it is great at testing networks and software that spread globally.

3. Acunetix

Acunetix is one of the best among the most popular ethical hacking software nowadays. Bringing automation to hacking acts as a portable hacker for you. It will try to mimic and copy what a hacker usually tries to do. While in the phase of gathering information or reconnaissance.

This software is very useful and gives insight into the many methods of attack a hacker use to reach a successful breach.

4. Burp Suite

With a critical vulnerability identifier, this website hacking tool is yet another multi-purpose hacking tool with a Login Sequence Recorder and built-in vulnerability management. Burp Suite is greatly used to test website security. Additionally it also makes sure most of the breaches that developers usually do not take into account are not as easily exploited.

5. Ettercap

A network security analysis passive and active dissection tool. Ettercap is primarily a sniffing tool that allows you to sniff or monitor data coming in and out of your devices. This is very important and allows you to know that vulnerabilities exist even at a hardware level.

6. Aircrack

Mainly a router wireless WIFI hacking tool. It detects weaknesses and vulnerabilities within a wireless connection and when you know where the vulnerability is, it usually doesn’t take long for it to be exploited. But remember this article is about ethical hacking, not hackathons.

7. Angry IP Scanner

Last but not least, this IP scanner is open source and cross-platform. It does exactly what the name implies. It scans and examines ports and IP addresses.

All these tools are very nice to have not just for ethical hacking but also for companies. Security is a big issue nowadays and most companies and people value it since security helps maintain privacy. And even the most open human being still would not want all his private info to be leaked. This would be a disaster especially for young teenage boys and girls.

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