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Saturday, September 23, 2023

The Apple is Launching More Powerful MacBook Pro 2

Apple recently launched the M2 MacBook Pro which is identical to its predecessor with the exception of the new M2 chip. It does not have any real advantages over the new M2 MacBook Air, which is why it has mostly been a letdown.

However, we are about to get more powerful versions of the MacBook Pro soon, says notable Apple tipster Mark Gurman. Bloomberg’s Gurman says that Apple will launch M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pro models early this fall. Apple is reportedly done working on its next-gen M2 chips already.

M2 MacBook Pro

As always, Apple is expected to stick with the same design as before as it was updated recently for the high-end MacBook Pros. The only difference will be the new and more powerful chipsets. In short, the M2 Max and Pro MacBooks will follow the same trend as the M1 MacBook Pro iterations.
Details on the upcoming M2 chips are scarce, but Gurman says that the SoCs will focus on the graphics side of things as always, making them ideal for professionals. Apple also likes to talk about how the MacBook Pro is capable of gaming, but the actual gaming support remains very limited to this day.

The M2 Max and Pro will likely have the same upgrades as the M1 Max and Pro and we will only get to know more details during the official launch.

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