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Fastest Bowlers in the World of Cricket

Cricket is known as a batsman game from the previous few decades yet at the same time, some bowlers have ruled this game single conveniently for quite a long time and keeping the crowd in fervor consistently. These bowler discovers its approach to threaten. Allow us to return a hope to remember the memory of probably the best fast bowlers ever. Take a look at the list of the top 10 fastest bowlers of cricket.

1. Shoaib Akhtar – 161.3km/h

Shoaib Akhtar, the Rawalpindi Express, is known as the fastest bowler throughout the entire existence of cricket. He set the first-ever world record by bowling the quickest ball of 161.3km/h on 22nd February 2003 against England batsman (Nick Knight). He stepped through 247 wickets in One Day Internationals and 178 test wickets in his entire career (1997-2011) as a fast bowler.


2. Brett Lee – 161.1km/h

The right-arm former Australian fast bowler Brett Lee is at the 2nd position in the list of the fastest bowler of all time. Brett Lee injured many top-class batsmen, taking 280 ODIs, 487 first-class, and 310 test wickets. He played his first match in 1999 and retired in 2012. Lee assisted Australia with winning World Cups in 2003 and 2007. He clocked his fastest delivery of 161.1km/h (100.1 mph) against New Zealand.


3. Shaun Tait – 161.1km/h

Shaun Tait is an Australian right-arm fast bowler. He represented his team in all formats of the game. But had gained the most success in One-day Internationals in his dynamic career from 2005 to 2016. He bowled the fastest delivery of 100 mph against England and made his position at No 3.


4. Jeff Thomson – 160.6km/h

Who could have imagined another Aussies? Jeff Thomson’s fastest delivery was measured at 160.6km/h. He made his debut from test format on 29 December 1972 against Pakistan. The Australian Cricket Board enlisted Jeff into their Hall of Fame in 2016. Additionally, the legend sir Viv Richards rates him as the fastest bowler he ever faced in his career.


5. Andy Roberts – 159.5km/h

Anderson Montgomery Everton Roberts is admitted as the father of modern West Indian fast bowling. The former West Indian right-arm fast bowler is also known as Sir Andy Roberts and an excellent one for sure. He took 889 first class, 202 Test, and 87 ODI wickets. Roberts is famous for bowling two types of bouncers, his quickest ball was 159.5km/h.


6. Fidel Edwards – 157.7km/h

Following up is another West Indian in the list of fastest bowlers. Fidel Edwards started his career against Sri Lanka when Brian Lara has seen him in the nets. The West Indian paceman took 60 ODI and 165 wickets in Test cricket during his career.  In 2003, he delivered the fastest ball of 157.7 km/h against South Africa.


7. Mitchell Johnson – 156.8km/h

Measurably, Mitchell Johnson positions as authentic fast bowling incredible of Australian cricket with his quick and fastest delivery (156.8 km/h) against England back in 2013. He stepped through 38 T20Is, 239 ODIs, and 313 test wickets. In addition to the fact that he was a productive fast bowler, he also scored a century and 11 half-centuries in his Test career.


8. Muhammad Sami – 156.4km/h

Sami joins his comrade Akhtar in this list of fastest bowlers in 2003 when he delivered a ball of 156.4 km/h. He made his Test debut against New Zealand and took five wickets. Moreover, In his 3rd test match against Sri Lanka, he recorded his very first hat-trick. Muhammad Sami, Pakistan’s right-arm fast bowler, step through 21 T20Is, 85 Tests, and 121 ODI wickets.


9. Shane Bond – 156.4km/h

Quick, fearsome but frustratingly delicate, Shane Bond will be recognized as much for his physical injuries disasters as his great capacity in his whole career. Tragically, he missed a bigger number of games than he played. At the time of ICC world Cup 2003, he delivered his fastest ball that is 156.4 km/h. He took 259 wickets in T20Is, ODIs, and test matches.


10. Mitchell Starc – 160.4km/h

Here you see another left-arm fast bowler from the Australian side. Mitchell Starc is also on this list of fastest bowlers. His excellent bowling blasted Australia with lifting the World Cup in 2015. He has stepped through 43 T20Is wickets, 178 in ODIs, and 244 in Test formats since his presentation in 2010. Starc clocked his quickest ball against New Zealand at 160.4km/h.


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