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How To Earn $100 A Day With Google AdSense


Google AdSense allows you to earn 100$, 200$, 300$, and more each day. This is making earning much easier. Many website owners are taking as much advantage as they can take by good earning with the help of this. The main focus point is your dedication, consistency with work, quality of work, and time commitments. Google AdSense helps you to grow your blog, website and gives you an ultimate growth in your income.

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Google AdSense is free to sign up for. They pay around 67% on your quality content and advertisements. To make around 100$ you need to have around 40,000 views per day. The click on each post every single time adds some dollars to your account. You must have to produce and publish around 500 amazing articles on your website. The web owner should invest a little more to bring in more organic traffic to the website.

Google AdSense

Basic Terminologies To Understand Google AdSense

There are a few basic professional terminologies. This helps you to understand Google AdSense in the best possible way.

  • CPC, this is the coast per click. This is the revenue you earn each time when a visitor clicks on the advertisement.
  • CTR, this is the ad Click-Through Rate.
  • AdSense, this is something when you place Google Ads on your website. Whenever any visitor clicks on those ads, the Google pays you 68% amount.
  • CPM, the Coast Per 100 Impressions.
  • RPM, Page Revenue per 1000 impressions.
terminologies used in Google AdSense

Write Long Blog Posts To Earn By Google AdSense

To increase the rank on google, the best key is to write long detailed blog posts. This is very important for everyone to understand that Google ranks the page on number 1 which has a 2000 plus word count. The more depth in your content is, the more you will earn. Google analyzes long posts as more information providers. Thus, it makes it on top-rank pages and pays more for each click.

Get Traffic From High CPC Countries To Rank High On Google

This is one of the most important terminologies. Targeting those countries that generate high CPC is such a smart technique one can use. By focusing on that specific group, your website can earn a lot more from Google AdSense. There is a list of countries available on Google itself that will help you to choose a target audience.

get traffic

Niches Have Different Values On Google

There are many categories, niches on which a writer writes each day. Google never pays the same amount for each category. There are many categories, from business to health, beauty and fitness to Education, Home & gardening to Real estate, and a lot more. Google AdSense has already published a detailed description on their website about the payment for each niche.

In some niches, it aims to pay more and in some, there is just a penny. So before writing upon any niche, make sure to have a clear understanding about how much google way pays you on that.

Use Google AdSense Keyword Planner

Use this keyword planner every time you decide to write up any content. This will help you to focus on your target keyword, its searching volume, the competition of each keyword. This planner will help you to have a clear understanding of the payment you will get on your blog. The planner will help you to choose and decide a niche to write on. By using this planner, your efforts won’t be wasted.

find your n iche

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