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How To Get Flawless Makeup Look In 5 Minute


Do you know that how to get a Flawless makeup look in 5 minutes? These are techniques and styles are improving with the passage of time. The generation is smoothly shifting from heavy, cakey to smooth, zero makeup. People are getting more awareness about the latest styles and techniques. There are many high-end products which you can use to get the perfect look at home. However, there are many styles of this. These depend on your choice and requirement.


Flawless Makeup is an art. This is just like a painting. You paint your face with products and enhance your facial features. This is on hype these days. Some people love to do heavy makeup, while some love a zero-makeup look. This is just the game and blends of products and techniques. Read full to learn about how you can “Get the flawless look in just 5 min”.

There are many high-end brands like Chanel Beauty, Gucci, Tom Ford, Armani beauty, NARS. The list is just endless.

makeup produts

Prepare Your Skin for Makeup

Achieving a flawless makeup look is the dream of everyone. There are many pre-preparation which everyone should do to get a very smooth and flawless look.

  1. Keep your self-hydrated, drink plenty of water and hydrate your skin.
  2. Properly moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer.
  3. Cleans it properly before sleeping and apply any good night cream.
  4. Use sun-screen while going outside.
  5. Take care of your skin like it’s your baby.
makeup brushes

Apply Primer- 1st step in your makeup

This is a preparatory product that you use on your skin. It aims to create an amazing canvas to hold for whatever products you apply afterward. This creates a thin smooth layers between products and your skin. This is a promising product that gives a flawless foundation to get flawless makeup.

Use Gold Flake serum- 2nd step in your makeup

We have many serums with Gold flakes. A few drops of serum is enough to give wonder. This is the best to get a glow, dewy and smooth look. However, you can mix a drop of serum in any foundation, tv paint stick to make it look glossy on your face.

makeup serum

Use Concealer

A concealer is just similar to a foundation. This is a bit thicker and is generally used to hide dark circles, age spots, blemishes. This provides good coverage and hides all kinds of imperfections of your face. You should apply the concealer properly before moving to overall makeup. This will enhance your look by covering dark spots.


Apply foundation or Tv paint stick

The next step is to apply a foundation or tv paint stick. Use the correct foundation. The shade of this should match your skin tone. The makeup is all about how you choose and apply foundation. Set your foundation with smooth fingers, a beauty blender, or a brush.

foundation sticks for makeup

Blush-on and Highlighter- The makeup magician

Your foundation is all set to glow and stay all day long. Afterward, apply your favorite shade of blush-on. Use liquid or powdered highlighter to add some shine and magic to your look.

There are many blush-on available in the market.

blush on for makeup

Eye makeup

From cat eyes to Smokey eyes, Nude eyes to glittery eyes. There are many eye looks which you can create as per outfit requirements. There are many eye products which you can use as per your need.

eye makeup

Shade your eye-brows

With the help of a brush, shape and fill your eyebrows. There are colors like dark brown, black which you can use to enhance your brows.

eye brows pallet

Lipstick – makeup final touches

Use a lip pencil to prominent your lip-lines. There are many lipstick shades that you can use. Your makeup look defines which shade you need. From nude to vine red, every color is available. However, there are waterproof lipsticks that are worth using.

Makeup setting spray

When you are done with your overall look. Spray the setting spray. This will help to protect your makeup from melting.  By using this, it will ensure a very long-last look and slay all day.


Flawless Makeup is an art. You just play with many products and colors and enhance your beauty. Beauty has no limit, this helps to make you look younger and fresh. Apply fewer products to get a more zero look.

The only trick you should use is, blend and blend.



Always choose the foundation according to your skin shade and texture. If your skin is sensitive then please read the product details before buying any product.

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