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Google AdSense Approval

Google AdSense is an advertisement model through which website publishers associated with the Google network put advertisements using text images videos and different media advertisements to target respective audiences, get views and earn money. Google is an ad agency that takes ads from business owners and displays them on different channels. If your website has better reach and a YouTube channel reached the level of monetization then you will have to make a Google AdSense account. Google will provide you ads and you will earn depending on the number of clicks on ads posted on your website or YouTube channel.

Google AdSense Approval

Showcasing ads on your website is not a difficult task. After creating Google AdSense account, website owners allow Google to use the available space for ads to put on. Whenever someone watches ads on your website, Google pays you. This is an easy way to earn money. The more ads watched on your website the more Google will pay you.

Why Google AdSense?

Answering a very common question, why Google AdSense? Or how AdSense is different from other advertisement networks? Google automatically puts ads on your website. The more relevant content will result the more ads on your website. If you are a market competitor then for sure you will be getting highly paid ads displayed on your screen. One more edge of this advertisement network is that you can remove any ad if you feel it is irrelevant. Moreover, you do not need to choose the ad by yourself because Google uses its intelligent mechanism to suggest the best and most relevant ads on your website.

How Google AdSense Works?

Google AdSense works on very simple steps explained below:

Google AdSense Approval

Space for ads on your website:

After creating a Google AdSense account, you write a script of code where you provide space to Google and allow it to use this space to put ads on in the available space Google puts ads that are highly relevant to your website content.

Highest paid ads will display on your website:

A well-known fact about Google is that it is an intelligent search engine. It would be an absurd discussion to point out any weakness or flaw in Google services. So, yes! Google gives you highly paid ads that are suggested and displayed on your website and earn money. Moreover, high payment is dependent upon grabbing more clicks or impressions by your content viewers.

Get Payment From Google:

Last but not least Google pays you for the clicks that viewers of your website have made. The payment process, cash withdrawal, and security are all guaranteed by Google itself.

Why Google AdSense?

There are different advertisement schemes available in the market to promote your business including social media marketing, Pay Per Click advertisement, and broadcast advertisement, etc. Different techniques and tips need to improve your advertisement to get approval on advertisement channels. So, that more people watch your ads and attract to your product or services. For example, in Social Media Marketing, approval of these ads associates with the attractiveness of your advertisement. The more your ads will be attractive the more these will reach the customer’s pages. Else your advertisement might not be approved or disliked by the customer.

Let’s take another example of marketing i.e. PPC or Pay Per Click advertisement which works on keywords based searches. If your designed advertisement has enough related and product-specific keywords to catch or thrive upon the right page, there are more chances that the viewers or visitors will see your ads. Similarly, Google AdSense approval is also necessary, the first and foremost step of Google AdSense is account creation and account approval. There are a few steps that are explained below which tell about how to get your account approved.

Google AdSense display ads on all websites and YouTube channels those have reached Google defined monetizing level.

Let’s say for YouTube, monetizing criteria or eligibility requirement for AdSense is 1000 subscribers and 400 watch hours. If you get this YouTube will automatically monetize your channel. At the same time, you can make an AdSense account to double your income by getting relevant ads. For displaying ads on your website you need unique and interesting content. It should not have any copyright issues and the content should be to the point with a higher rate of clicks.

Youtube Monetization

There is a criteria, that is specific for the website on YouTube channel to get ads on them. So, before moving on you must ensure that your website or YouTube channel is compatible with using Google AdSense. If you have reached the compatibility level with the AdSense, you can sign up for a new account. For this purpose, you can use your Google account or Gmail for account creation. Then login to your account and fill up the credentials needed to be filled by the account holder.

Now comes the most important part of your earning journey, where you write a script for AdSense. This script is a code where you write about available space at your website so that Google could display ad there. Once you complete all the credentials, wait max two weeks for the final review and approval from Google.

During the two weeks’ approval journey your website will be showing blank spaces where you have allowed Google to display ads on. After getting approval, Google will physically add advertisement on the given places and you will get a confirmation email too. Once you will reach at minimum of $10 earning from Google ads, AdSense will send you an email askew to set a pin code.

You need to login to your AdSense account, enter the pin in the available space, this is how your account get approved. You can withdraw your cash after reaching at minimum of $100, you can withdraw your cash by choosing a bank account given in the list by Google supported accounts.

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