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Pakistani Foods – 7 Best Dishes to Eat in Pakistan


Pakistani foods are rich in quality and taste, packed with full spices, and prepared in ghee makes the food unbelievably tasty. Every city, every province offers its own traditional and unique dishes with ultimately different and outclass tastes. Bloggers and people from all over the world visit Pakistan to experience the beauty and the taste of food as well. The rich taste of food makes the festivals more delightful.

Lahore Famous Nehari

Nihari is one of the most demanding and famous Pakistani foods originated from Delhi India. It consists of super slow-cooked fat added meat, mainly the meat of lamb and mutton, beef, goat meat and chicken, and bone marrow. If you are looking forward to eating the yummiest nihari at any festival, then do not miss Lahore’s famous nihari to fulfil your craving.

Lahore Famous food Nehari

Kabuli Pulao

Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, is just a few hours away from Pakistan’s KP province (North-Western border). Imagine a Silk Road trader in West Pakistan bringing the first dish of Kabuli Pulao to eat here. Kabuli pulao has an amazing fragrance, looks beautiful and has the yummiest tastes. Though this is among the top eating dishes for lunch, dinner or whenever you want to eat.

Kabuli Pulao - Best Pakistani foods to eat in Northern area

Chicken, Beef and Mutton Karahi

Karahi is the best of all Pakistani meals and is close to the hearts of many Pakistanis. You can see people cooking karahi in the smallest street shop or in the kitchen of the local royal palace. Most Pakistani foods like Karahi dishes cook with many spices and proper ingredients. Every city has its own secret recipe which makes it unique from others. And in the last if you give it a smoke of coal so it will definitely add tenderloin aroma in your karahi. It is an iconic food of Pakistan and can be found being cooked and served all over the country.

Chicken, Beef and Mutton Karahi - best Pakistani meals


Haleem is a very tasty dish that we cook with a combination of many things at homes. This dish reflects the influence of Pakistanis from the Middle East and people have been enjoying Haleem for so long. Slow and time taking cooking is a pro technique used throughout the day to prepare full blended and spice full Haleem.

This is the best option to have for breakfast or lunch. It is super heavy, full of nutrition and spice food which keeps your tummy full throughout the day. If you want to have the best experience of Haleem then do not forget to try out Lahore’s famous Haleem.

Haleem tasty Pakistani food to eat at breakfast


korma curry – as you have heard and tasted here in the classic meal of Punjabi cuisine. Mutton, chicken or beef korma is hearty and rich, with a deep red mixture of very tender lamb or goat meat pieces and prepared with many spices. We have amazing korma recipe people cook locally, especially if you are in Hyderabad, do not forget to eat korma.

korma classic meal of Punjabi cuisine

Sindhi Biryani

Sindhi Biryani is specially prepared with well-cocked meat and rice originating from Sindh Province, Pakistan. Due to its popularity, it is one of the most demanding and common dishes in Pakistani cuisine and Sindhi cuisine. We serve Sindhi Biryani on almost all flights of Pakistan and people loves to eat this every Friday and at every festival.

Sindhi Biryani - Pakistani food in Sindhi cuisine


Paye basically refers to the ‘foot’ and is a very good food recipe to make at home. Also this dish is specifically made with the paye of goat and cow both. This is one of the more demanding and famous dishes in Pakistan. Its recipe is so simple but it takes time to cook. It needs slow flame for making but for a long time to extract all the juices and flavors of the bones, meat and fat. Additionally, people of Pakistan cook this dish at many festivals, weddings and on regular days as well. Every city of Pakistan has some famous places for paye.

Paye famous dish in Pakistan at breakfast


Eating high calories and many spices can cause digestive issues, never eat in more quantity. If you have a gastric problem, take medicine before you heat this heavy food. Do not eat high-fat food every day and if you ever feel stomach burning after eating your meal, visit your doctor.

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