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Facts About Dubai Expo 2021


Expo will also be showcasing the world’s largest solar power project at the expo.16 events, 4 themes, and 82 projects on the Dubai Happiness Agenda will be going live with this event.

Dubai expo 2021

What is Dubai Expo?

Most importantly, the fact you must know about what actually that Dubai Expo is?. The Dubai Expo is the first world exhibition that was introduced in 1851. This is the largest expo, known as the Dubai World Expo. This takes place once every 5 years.

Also, this festival rich with innovation and the future. At this Dubai Expo, the most diverse countries will be showcasing innovation and future ideas on a specific theme.

what Dubai expo

Purpose of Dubai Expo 2021

Most importantly, the main purpose of Expo-2021 is that it is a dialogue platform for progress and collaboration. It aims to bring the whole world together. This helps to find the solutions to the major challenges facing humanity.

At the Expo, participants can set up an exhibition space or pavilion. There they can showcase their experiences and ideas. It has local themes and sub-themes.

purpose of Dubai expo

Dubai Expo 2021- Theme

The major theme of the Dubai Expo is connecting Minds and Creating the Future. The Sub-themes are stability, possibility, and mobility.

In addition, it is important to note that the focus is on the sustainability sector such as industry, financial capital, governance, employment, and education.

theme of dubai expo

The Biggest Attraction

This is famous for its biggest attractions. Flash mobs, operas, pop-up theatres, and many entertainment activities are the attraction points. This also includes the German pavilion. In addition, This features a robotic band with spectacular performances at Al Wasl Plaza.

10 theme weeks cover a total of 6 months of the expo.

Emirates Pavilion 2071, allows visitors to explore the future of major commercial aviation.

Dubai expo biggest attraction

Expo 2021 Event Site

The main venue for this is a 438-hectare (1083-acre) area. Moreover, this venue is between the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is near the southern border of Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

The master plan is by an American company HOK. That is just near the central plaza of Al Wasl.

It is surrounded by 3 large themed districts.

event site

Opening Ceremony

Expo 2020 officially live from 30 September 2021. Many people are performing in the event.

How can i attend or contribute to the Dubai Expo?

Dubai residents are encouraged to participate in the Expo 2020 journey. So, they can join through a variety of options ranging from Expo Live’s pioneering, social projects to charitable activities. This helps communities around the world. This is including 30,000 UAE residents and will feature a mix of diverse immigrants.

Things to do in Dubai Expo 2021

Expo 2020 (2021) will be enough to delight and dazzle you in Dubai. From music, technology, music, and culinary arts to architecture, and entertainment. For instance, if you want to enjoy in one day, then one day is not just enough for you to enjoy. This has the charm and magic of the Arab world.

You can view artwork and interactive installations from local and global talent. You can also do architectural adventures. This will make you feel amazing by the pavilions built on innovative and sustainable designs.

Imagine you are visiting 192 different countries, and embarking on a journey to learn about their history and culture.

60 live broadcasts per day.

things to do at Dubai expo

Tickets of Dubai Expo 2021

Here we are going to tell you another fact about the ticket pricing of this Dubai Expo 2020 (held in 2021).

You can purchase the tickets through the official website. You can also buy through the network of authorized ticket resellers at the Expo 2020 gates during the event.

The Tickets will available from April 2020.

The young people between the ages of six and 17 and students of any age will receive a 50 percent discount, but those who are willing will be given complimentary.

tickets of dubai expo

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