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Expert Tips To Apply Kryolan Tv Paint Stick


Kryolan Tv paint stick is the best bridal base of all time. This foundation gives a low to full coverage look. You can easily create a soft, glam no-makeup look by using this stick. People can also create a full coverage, bridal look with this super long-lasting foundation. This comes with very high-quality packaging. It has a bar code that helps you to make sure if it’s original or replica.

Here are some expert tips and guides to apply kryolan Tv paint stick in the best way.

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Every foundation has a different consistency. Applying this in layers can make you look like a fool. This can create a very cakey and crake look. Moreover, always remember, good healthy, and smooth skin gives a flawless makeup look. Use the product and make sure to waste it on its expiration date.

Kryolan tv paint stick

Prepare Your Skin

Make sure to prepare your skin for makeup. Every skin is not the same. Some have sensitive skin. Always test your skin that can bear the foundation or not. Drink a lot of water, eat healthy fresh food, and avoid junk foods. Inhale good fresh air. Keep yourself hydrated. Cleans your skin every day.

Kryolan Tv Paint Stick Shades

Kryolan is proudly offering around 250 shades. From white tone to wheat, Indian to Asian. For every skin type, it has a wide range of shade selecting options. Their vast selection range helps you to get the best one for yourself. These sticks are amazing for contouring, color correcting, and for the overall look.

kryolan shades

Use Good Primer

Do not apply this stick directly to your face. This is not too oily or too dry. Moisturize your skin well before applying the tv paint stick. Primer helps to minimize the facial pores and gives a smooth look.

Serum-Mix Drops In Kryolan

Use 24k Gold serum for dewy makeup. Add one or two drops of any serum to your foundation. This helps you to blend the foundation in a super smooth and best way. The serum works as an illuminator or highlighter.

Use Damp Blender

A beauty blender should always be damp to make sure the blending is in a very smooth way. This tip will help to blend the foundation in a very smooth way. Beauty blenders help to fix the base in a professional style. Using fingers for blending can create a grey makeup look.

beauty blender

Setting Spray- Fix Kryolan Tv Paint Stick

When you are done with your foundation application, then use some setting spray. Applying this can help to make the foundation stay even longer. It will protect the long-lasting of your makeup.


Choosing the wrong shade can make your makeup look worst. Choose the right shade and apply it in the right way. These expert tips will definitely help you to get the best makeup look.

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