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Disadvantages Of Online Shopping


People love online shopping but they are afraid of it at the same time, because of the devastating effects of a few websites and online experiences. In this article, we catch different disadvantages that people observe by online shopping.


Shopping for accessories from online stores is time-efficient and effective in prices as compared to the market. But at the same time with the advantages of time-saving and money-saving, a lot of disadvantages happen that we categorize in this article. So let’s have a look at the disadvantages of online shopping.

1. Defective Products:

One biggest disadvantages of online shopping is that defective product delivery. When we are doing onsite shopping, we actually interact with the actual product. We check its quality and we confirm that this is a suitable fit for us. But in online shopping, mostly what is seen, is not delivered as the same. Hence defective products delivery is the biggest issue and if you want to return it service providers mostly deny taking them back because they say we have delivered the right product or something like that too to ignore their queries.

Defective Products a disadvantage of online purchase

2. No Bargaining:

We cannot bargain with the shopkeeper when it is about online shopping. For instance, in Pakistan; when we use to visit a shop and if we get an offer to buy a jacket in 2000 rupees; we bargain and take it in 1500 rupees then these 500 rupees are our relief. But when it is about online shopping; there is no option of bargaining and we are liable to pay the exact amount that is quoted on the tag.

We can not bargain in online shopping

3. Lack of Close Examination:

We cannot closely examine and fit in a product that we want to buy. Issues like small, medium, or large size, footwear number, or different issues related to stuff can happen in online shopping, which is obviously negligible in physical purchasing.

Lack of Close Examination

4. Online Frauds:

It is mostly done in online clothing brands so, be careful about this. You will mostly hear people saying as “online shopping is a fraud”. For example, they view a very beautiful, shining, and attractive piece of products but get totally opposite to that after ordering. Almost all shopping lovers must have experienced a bad online shopping experience in their lives. As a matter of fact, people who don’t know about online shopping select to go with bad websites and meet frauds but after knowing how to do online shopping they get on the right track.

Online Frauds is a disadvantage

5. No Return Policy:

No return policy is another disadvantage of online shopping because delivery charges and tax of returning products sometimes increase over the total budget of the product and that’s why websites deny taking the return of the product.

No Return Policy

6. Extra Charges:

Delivery charges mostly happened to raise the budget of the product. Some websites offer free services or delivery on a specific amount of sales but below that mark- up you have to pay your extra charges of delivery.

Extra Charges


In the above discussion, we explain very few online shopping defects. It is not mandatory that everyone has gone through a bad experience but there are certain websites that are harming people’s online shopping experience which is the worst practice. They should not do this. As human being they should provide the best services for the actual growth of the business otherwise customer who is once harmed by online fraud, will never come back to their website again.

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