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Cryptocurrency ChainLink (LINK)

  • Cryptocurrency ChainLink (LINK) is among the hottest & most appealing crypto’s of the market in 2022.
  •  ChainLink has successfully marked itself as DON (go-to- decentralized oracle network) which helps to smoothly integrate physical world data into smart contracts with full security & effectiveness.
  • ChainLink (LINK) is an open-source blockchain network, which allows everyone to see the contributions & code of the project.

2: Thesis Summary

ChainLink (Link) is designed with unique protocols that aim to bring improvement and advancement to the whole crypto world. It has successfully been marked as the most appealing and hottest crypto in 2022. The ChainLink is highly capable to support the secure &safest sharing of outputs, inputs & computations. This is a decentralized blockchain oracle network that is designed on Ethereum.

ChainLink uses “Hybrid smart contracts” to smoothly decentralize the shifting the data on and off-blockchain. LINK tokens help to support reward ChainLink system operators for smoothly retrieving the data from any off-chain feeds, formatting and arranging data into simple formats, and smartly performing off-chain computation.

This vision of ChainLink is to amazingly increase its support for the blockchain ecosystem and open the doors for new users to smoothly use smart contracts. Blockchain is yet not capable enough to maintain the records and data. However, ChainLink offers many opportunities to easily connect blockchain with off-chain data & information.

At the same time, ChainLink can easily run on various blockchains, in this way it is capable to work on external blockchains like API integration for data exchange purposes. Moreover, ChainLink is a platform and LINK is the ground token used to smartly incentivize nodes to execute the request.

By the end of March 2022, the ChainLink network has amazingly secured above $77 billion worth and is being used in more than 11000 projects. The hype, growth, and popularity of this LINK are real and because of these capabilities, it has become a key element in the world of Cryptocurrency.


According to the Electric Capital Developer Report. ChainLink (LINK) is one of the most fastest-growing and stable networks in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain space. This is a decentralized blockchain oracle platform based on Ethereum. This network enables to facilitate the smooth transfer of tamper-proof data from any off-chain source to an on-source contract. Its blockchain is capable to support the safest sharing of outputs, inputs, computational and some other features may include,

  • It enables automation: The smart contracts can easily automate prime functions and random tasks for investors and businesses.
  •  Assist decentralized data feed: Data from any external source can be smartly secured and processed for ChainLink hybrid contracts.
  • Provide verified source: Many applications and platforms like games may require cryptographically secure randomness that can smartly make the best use of ChainLink.

The aim of this token is to support finance the potential and growth of the projects and is almost similar to Ethereum and Bitcoin. These crypto coins work on their dedicated blockchain. Just like Ethereum and Bitcoin work as a source for users to mine, the same does the LINK act.


You can not reverse the Blockchain transactions. So that’s important to properly verify all the related data before processing the transactions. With regrets, smart contract networks like. Cardano and Ethereum are unable to blend physical world data into contracts on their own. Due to this reason, these networks require a reliable and authentic data source (known as Oracle). To verify and assist transactions and smart contract agreements.

ChainLink has become the most demanding and appealing oracle in the world of the crypto market. Its fast and smooth processing system allows for saving time.

In the ChainLink atmosphere. The function begins when a user initially requests a contract for information. This listing will generate a ChainLink Service Level Agreement (SLA) contract. This main contract initial three other contracts in the network.

  • ChainLink Aggregating Contract: This systematic review and revise all the provided data. It verifies and matches the data. The data seem irrelevant. This eliminates it. It validates the date and secures in the blockchain.
  • ChainLink Reputational Contract: This contract is capable to verify the authenticity of the oracle. The designed coding will analyze the history of each oracle. This network smartly interprets every related contribution of this oracle and its accuracy. When an assessment ends. The oracle gets a rank and this rank supports the network to smoothly use the best oracle.
  • ChainLink Order-Matching Contract: once a contract request is initiated. ChainLink nodes receive the request. Then they proceed to begin bidding. The network involuntarily configures the number of nodes and their types required. To finalize the request using designed algorithms.

This enables businesses and organizations to smoothly hold this amazing technology in a positive manner. Users can verify that the data they received is not incorrect, corrupt, and time-consuming. In case of individual node fails. The network will instantly replace it with a good-ranking alternative.

ChainLink has bought up dramatic benefits to the network. Oracles play a vital role in the network’s growth and expansion. They are the prime element of many featured developments in the network.

ChainLink is running the race in the crypto market and seamlessly listing as the king in the crypto market. However, this is the most developed, pioneering, and maintained oracle in the crypto world so far.

ChainLink is giving tough competition to Brand Protocol and UMA.

Moreover, ChainLink has successfully secured and protected billions of dollars. In the value of smart contracts for DApps (Decentralized Apps). Making it an immovable and strong position in the crypto world.

Cryptocurrency ChainLink

ChainLink has amazingly marked its market capitalization to above $25 billion. Within three starting years and smartly secured above billion dollars for DApps. Its fastest growth and stability have made it hot and most demanding in the crypto world.

The present value of ChainLink today is around $13.34. With a live 24-hour trading volume of around $ 422, 174,314 USD. This has gone above 4.97% in the past 24 hours. According to CoinMarketCap ranking. This is on #24. Having a current market capitalization of around $6,218,356,855. ChainLink has a market supply of 467,009,551 links.

Moreover, analysts have predicted its strong spike in value and volume by the end of April 2022. ChainLink has faced many ups and downs. The crypto crash is real so far, on May 11. ChainLink set an all-time high value of around $51.42.

This is one of the foremost performing cryptocurrencies now. Its live value and price are still much higher than other crypto competitors. This has been listen\d to the top 1 oracle in the entire history of cryptocurrency. However, we can’t list any similar network as its market success till now. 

This is going to have extraordinary success in the future. The hype is a real and increasing craze among buyers and investors.

The digital currency believes that ChainLink is going to trade above $24.20 by the end of 2022. Many investors-based algorithms predict many bearish about the upcoming value of ChainLink. They have forecasted its extraordinary sales and supplies in coming years.

Meanwhile, there are many factors that are responsible to affect its price and worth in its dump of hype both ways. These factors may include,

  • Partnerships
  • Upgraded “ChainLink 2.0”
  • Public-Relation businesses and projects

5: Final Thoughts

However, it is believed that ChainLink is still an undervalued decentralized data platform. This will surprisingly bloom and show drastic improvements in both, “Tokenomics & Technology” by the end of 2022. Smart contracts with high value are capable of easily using nodes that possess the same or better % value.

The main purpose of this network is to process valid data given by entity running LINK nodes and also provide ease to smart contracts in case invalid data needs to activate an agreement. The price will hike not just to achieve the desired need of smart contracts but also for the LINK node. Miners who are making money by offering this service much similar to the price of Bitcoin.

In simple words, the more LINKS attached to its nodes, the larger the smart contract economy will emerge out and will smoothly increase its stability in the crypto world. However, ChainLink increases the possibility of smoothly integrating physical world data on smart contracts. This network continues to accelerate to become economically feasible and affordable.

Moreover, you need to get a crypto wallet in order to secure ChainLink. There is a number of cryptocurrency wallet. The choice is all yours which wallet you feel safer and secure. ChainLink can be easily kept protected in the Binance exchange wallet or CoinBase. However, it is advised to store it in your wallet as soon as possible. The wallets like MetaMask, CoinBase wallet (digital software-based). or Ledger Nano X (physical-hardware wallet) seem promising.

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