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Pros and Cons of SEO & PPC Advertisement

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In our previous chapters, we have covered all things about search engine optimization and pay per click along with their comparison. You can explore those topics by landing on these pages. PPC advertisement model words on social media platforms and search engines like Google AdSense, Facebook, and Instagram, etc. This model helps your business grow faster and wealthier. This ads campaign is a ‘get wealthy scheme’, in terms of getting higher profit and lesser cost. In the second place if you want organic traffic or audience, you can go with SEO. Now here in this article we are going to cover some major pros and cons of SEO and PPC.

SEO and PPC - Pros and cons

Contribution to Increase Your Website Traffic

A business with many customers is a developed business. Pay Per Click ads campaign is a very useful and unique idea to contribute to developing your business. It helps in increasing your website traffic. It guarantees faster results and you can pull a lot of traffic on your website. You can increase web traffic and increase your business profit in reasonable dues. You can enhance the activity of your website by increasing the dimensions of your business. Also you can extend your business with multiple advertisement platforms that support PPC.

So, using these services you contribute to establishing a strategy to increase your website traffic.

Make Your Brand Well Reputed

A brand is known as well reputed that has quality products, handsome amount of customers, and extended business motivation. With the help of PPC advertisement services, you can set a very good brand reputation. The reputation of a business follows with the recognition of a business. If a business is well organized and well recognized it will be popular in the respective business market. This model is an efficient way to make your brand well-reputed. The more people know about the business that you are selling via your website, the more your business will grow and the more reputation it will gain.

Higher Your Profit with Reasonable Investment

The success of any business is dependent on the finance that invests on it and the profit generate from it. If one has invested a lot but the profit is less than investment the business stakeholders are in bad. If the investment is reasonable and profit is more than investment, it will call a successful business. PPC services are helpful in making your business successful through investing in reasonable prices and getting guarantee higher profit.

According to stats, in the year 2020, almost 74% of brands dispatched this statement that PPC ads services are the huge driving force in uplifting business. The best ads written by the advertiser are for sure a success guarantee in getting the desirous results.

Exponential Growth in Sales and Revenue

When everything is in your favor and you are contributing to increase your website traffic and your brand is getting well-reputation. Your business is getting profit within reasonable investments, you are getting quicker results, your time is being saved then it is absolutely a straightforward way to exponential growth in sales and revenue of your business. PPC campaign model is giving all these features where you can run your business in a way you want. You can increase your revenues, build trust in your customers and get huge success over your competitors.

Pros and Cons of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also known as organic lead generation, where it makes sure that search engine spiders will able to understand what is written on your web pages. It recognizes your content using specific algorithms and ranks your pages higher than your competitors in the market.

Google has almost all the data that the world is using now. How google gets this data? In simple words it is google provides data to humans when we search on the search engine. Now Google gets data from web crawlers where it ranks content available in the world (you can say that data is in a specific database and SEO rank it). Google shows the data that is on top searches with SEO algorithms and hence shows the relevant website or content to the user. It has many merits and demerits, below are discussed a few of them.

Pros and cons of search engine optimization

Advantages of Organic SEO:

  1. The model is cost effective, labour cost of managing and setting campaigns are usually lesser than PPC. These techniques are not practiced much or PPC services are opted because of slower working of this method.
  2. It mostly takes lead on PPC models while it is about activity timing. Well ranked SEO page remain in high position in search results even after we stop working on them while PPC fails to do so.
  3. Positions of SEO and web pages are relatively stable as compared to PPC ranking. It is so, because in PPC positions keep on changing due to keywords or competitors bidding trials.

Drawbacks to SEO:

  1. Though SEO ranked website remain active on search engines for a very long time but this process is time taking. It starts late and takes a lot of time for optimization whereas PPC is a faster model on the other hand.
  2. Unlike PPC, it doesn’t provide 100 % optimization, your websites will optimize on the basis of content available on them. If you have more and more related content on your pages will be rent higher but in PPC your ranking is dependent on keywords, bidding and trends.
  3. It is a time taking activity if you do it manually, you need to buy specific tools, you have to pay someone to do SEO for you, if you would like to do it yourself then it will take your time and your expertise to put in, making best SEO algorithms or if you pay someone else it will cost you real money but it will save your time.

So these are the fundamentals as well as major pros and cons of Search Engine Optimization.

Pros and Cons of PPC

PPC is one of the most trending models that different business owners use to leverage their website traffic from search engines with the help of keywords related to specific products. This way is very efficient, time-saving, and gives quicker results. Mention below are the pros and cons of pay per click.

Pay per Click ppc pros and cons

Advantages of PPC:

  1. This model starts giving results immediately, showing traffic and clicks right after its initiation. You can observe your result and decide your direction.
  2. When you are able to see runtime progress you can monitor your performance. Using this advertisement campaign, you can set your budget, change your directions, engage your customers and decide whether to go with the flow or to change your idea of advertisement.
  3. Since this model saves time and let you monitor your performance, you can decide the ways take your business to. After engaging your customers towards your idea you can grow your sales and revenue. This is a cheap and effective model that guarantees profit.

Drawbacks of PPC:

  1. In this model advertiser pay money to the publisher whenever customers or visitors click the displaying ads. you might have to pay a more to get better results since it works on keywords. You either need to make a stronger strategy for target keywords or pay a bit more to get your keywords rank well.
  2. Though this is a time sharing model but prior to that advertiser has to do some homework. They have to decide keywords design for their advertisement so, that they could catch more audience. In this way this model demands you to work instead of doing all this itself.
  3. It remains alive until you keep it alive whenever you stop it or turn it off, it loses your lead. Unlike SEO, PPC model isn’t that efficient in surviving even after stopping it or diverting its direction toward other keywords.

Above mentioned pros and cons of SEO & PPC advertisement will help you find the best technique depending on your budget.

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