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Best Online Shopping Websites In Pakistan In 2022

Best Websites for Shopping, Online, Shopping, Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan. Online shopping, now day is a necessity. It is a requirement of our time and ease. People want to seek for best choices on the website to get deliveries at the doorsteps.

Different shopping centers are running online and on-site at the same time. Hence, this article will give you Pakistan’s best online shopping websites in 2022.

Daily life necessities and shopping are associated things. Also, we need to shop for eatables, clothing, food, shoes, and all necessary elements of our lives. To get discounts, we move toward the stores and cheap places for shopping purposes, i.e., Sunday Bazaar or malls.

In the same way, we get you the 5 most used shopping websites that run online and give you the best services from different perspectives like online rating, service, and delivery are parameters on which we characterize these websites.

Let’s look at the top 5 online shopping websites in Pakistan to provide customers with the best shopping facility.

1. Daraz:

Daraz.Pk is Pakistan’s most popular and famous online outlet, where different products are available.

By all means, it is the first online website and application that is serving a lot of people with their daily life shopping services. It catches millions of users with thousands of products, including computing, mobiles, clothing, fashion, beauty products, home appliances, and everything we can think of. It offers a good return and exchange policy.

Also, this application is working in Siri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal, along with Pakistan.

In addition, their service charges are very minimum, which is affordable for any person. We can buy minimum things with prices of 50 to 100 rupees. Most importantly, people give a 4 out of 5 scores for ease of usage.

Discounts and deals category get for 5 out of 5 scores. Yes, there is some time seen that buyers experience to get broken packages or sometimes products with change colors, but service providers give this facility to get it changed within a specific amount of time; which is a good gesture.

Daraz is an Online Shopping Website

2. Home Shopping:

HomeShopping.Pk is one of the Pakistan shopping websites. It offers a huge variety of different products. One can view images and user experience by reading the product’s
reviews before buying anything.

This website sells company-guaranteed products, and they offer the best prices among all other online stores. If you see that this website sells products at a higher cost than other websites, you will get products on this website at a beaten price.

This outlet offers delivery in less than 48 hours, and this is the efficient skill that they are beating other online shopping malls.

Home Shopping

3. Symbois:

Symbios.Pk is one of the best E-Commerce in Pakistan. It is the first e-Commerce website in Pakistan. It provides services in computing, technology, and IT-related products.

Moreover, it offers versatile modes of payment for the purchasing elements. Everyone can use this application. It usually gets 3 scores out of 5 for its usability. In addition, it offers discounts and ratings, and it got a 4 out of 5 scores for it.

Also, it is highly recommended to read the details before moving toward buying anything.


Symbios Shopping Website

4. Shophive:

Shophive.Com is again a wonderful online shopping website working and running its business since 2006. it turned into a very good shopping website with offers online products.

This website is well known for its good customer services and pre-sale discounts after-sale services. It offers products at competitive market rates.

Service providers offer very fast services in delivery. It covers almost all necessities of life to experience the best shopping by purchasing tiny elements of their life.

One can purchase anything related to studies, food, home, fashion, health, beauty, and everything one wants. And that is why it is on the top-rated website of Pakistan.


5. Yayvo:

Yayvo.Com website offers an online shopping facility launched by a TCS courier company. Most of all, this website is famous for providing hassle-free products at very reasonable prices. Also, TCS is a courier company, and it already has its market.

Online shopping has become easier with their products and website, and customers do not need to worry about bad delivery experiences or any brokerage issues.

In addition, it is offering products from mobile phones, beauty products, electronics, home appliances, and many more. Moreover, You can choose between cash on delivery (COD) or an online payment method.

With the variety of 5000 plus products, this website is doing a huge business.

Online Shopping Website by TCS


In this article, we bring you the best 5 websites doing online business. Also, we explain online stores in terms of delivery methods, payment methods, and products, along with user reviews. In the end, we hope that you will like this collection.

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