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People are now obsessed with online shopping. We know a lot of things we want to buy from online stores. That’s why today we bring you a list of the best online grocery stores in Pakistan. With the help of these stores, you can order anything from the comfort of your own home.


In big cities, sometimes it’s very difficult to reach your destination and even more so from a distance or from another corner of the city. Online shopping is helpful in these difficult situations. Consumers can get all the items they want and need at home without any hassle. Below are the best online grocery stores that are serving their audience within different cities. Let’s have a look at them.

D- Mart:

D- Mart by Daraz, is one of the most convenient and easy groceries and fresh food ordering platforms. It gives customers a wide range of products and food supplies. D- Mart offers the best quality products with a variety of original brands with very reasonable prices, discounts, and offers. The team delivers in entire Pakistan with very reasonable delivery charges. You can check their website and grab more information related to the area of your interest.

D Mart grocery store

Hum Mart:

HUM media channel has brought Hum Mart, which supports the Karachi audience in providing all types of grocery essentials. They are selling the best quality groceries at reasonable prices with very minimum delivery charges. Then he is working to spread the business and ideas to other cities. But, at this time, he is only working in Karachi.

Hum Mart grocery store


Metro is no doubt one of the biggest malls and online shopping centers in Pakistan. It has physical outlets and online grocery stores with a very wide range of products. If you are interested to buy and choosing products from a very big variety of products, you should visit the Metro website. It has been offering grocery and related necessary items at reasonable prices and quick delivery.

Metro grocery store

Karyana Dot PK:

Karyana. pk is a mega online store with a lot of branded and unbranded groceries and other useful products in reasonable quotations. Along with a smooth delivery system you can order any edible or grocery item by sitting at your home and getting it at your doorstep in a little time.

Karyana dot pk grocery store

Al- Fatah:

Al- Fatah is a well-known store for its physical and online versions of stores. Moreover, It has been e started as an online outlet recently with very trustworthy grocery items along with a wide range of other necessities as well. Therefore, many different online outlets have sprung up, during the epidemic. Al-Fatah tops the list of all these shops. But, these services are limited to Lahore only. In addition, at the same time, they are trying to increase the coverage of their online service in other provinces of Punjab. To become safe from the pandemic Furthermore, you can also order online and get their valuable services at a reasonable cost.

Al-Fatah grocery store

24 Seven:

As the name suggests 24 seven is an amazing online grocery store Moreover, it offers its services day and night. Service providers also facilitate their users and customer any time of the day. If one can order and get groceries at his doorstep with very little delivery charges. Whereas, quality is the top thing this mart works on. You can also check their variety of products on the website suggested by 24 Seven marts.

24 seven grocery store


Naheed. pk is a very famous and old grocery mart. In addition, it has been working to serve customers with its favorite products. So, you can Order at Naheed and also get the package at your doorsteps. They also offer a very wide range of grocery products with top-quality material and reasonable prices. Furthermore, fast delivery is one main leading point. They also offer their services among the biggest cities in Pakistan. You can avail of their services anytime in a day.

Naheed grocery store


The recent pandemic has affected the lives of almost all citizens in Pakistan outside Pakistan as well. But there are also some grocery stores that have been working on the online platform for years. Therefore, their work has proved successful, and useful in every age. Those started their journey right in the pandemic and started serving the community. You can avail of good discounts, quality products, and desirous items at your doorsteps at bare minimum delivery charges.

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