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Best Brain Activating games in 2022


Activating the brain and body parts is important for us. Brain activating games help boost the brain to learn new things. Also, these applications excel brain skills in brainstorming and idea generation.


In this article, we get you the best apps to keep your brain active. Brain activating apps help in learning new things, problem-solving, and quick analysis of things.


We always try to bring the best information to our dear readers, so did we do this time.

Have you ever tried any application which helps you learn about brainstorming and brain activation? We hope you must have played such games.

In this article, we get you the 5 best brain-activating games that will enhance your analytical and thinking skills. Also, these games are a source of entertainment at the same time.

1. Cognifit Brain Fitness:

Memory and concentration of things are associated with brain abilities. We also call them cognitive abilities as well.

Cognifit Brain Fitness application is an amazing brain activating app. it is a fun and memory concentration-based game. Also, it gives you different challenges helps you track the progress, and lets you know what is your brain health.

You can play solo games and also invite your friends to play with you too. In addition, this game consists of different quizzes and visual games.

You can avail of free membership for this application for up to 4 games and after that, you can earn a monthly and yearly subscription.

Brain Activating Game

2. Personal Zen:

Another amazing game for brain activation is Personal Zen. In this game, players follow animated characteristics. In this game, the animated characteristics act like friendly and angry features. These two characteristics help you decide whether to go with a positive or a negative one.

In the end, by all means, you decide to go with the positive one since the negative creature is designed so that it makes two go the first one only.

The developer suggested that you can build positive effects with long-lasting results if you will play this game 10 minutes a day.

Also, this game is free for iOS but you have to pay for other variants of the operating system.

Personal Zen

3. Brain Fitness Pro:

Brain Fitness Pro is a game that is developed for memory training and brain exercises. As the name suggests; brain fitness means activation of the brain with the help of different exercises.

By playing this game, it will help you increase your brain working capability and cognitive skills. Also, it plays an important role in the enhancement of brain skills and long-term brain benefits.

Fitness Pro

4. Happify:

Do we get happiness from the brain? Yes, we do. As happiness is associated with the state of mind. So brain helps us become happier with the situation the brain faces.

Happify is an amazing brain-activating application. It helps you think positively. Also, it judges your psychology and makes you focus on the strengths of your personality.

You play different quizzes, games, and earn positive vibes from them. This game helps you change your life habits and mould your lifestyle to a positive one. Moreover, it is an ultimate happiness strategy.


5. Fit Brains Trainer:

Fit brain trainer game is a development of more than 360 amazing games, quizzes, and puzzles. The development of this game aims to help your brain activate amazingly and improve your mental health.

This game improves your cognitive skills and enhances your learning capabilities. You can access this game free on both Apple and Play stores.

Brain Game


By all means, in the above discussion, we get information on the best brain activating and brain-boosting apps.

About applications help you increase your brain knowledge, brain strengths, and capabilities to solve more complex problems and deal with life problems easily.

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