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Best Blogging Websites In 2022


Websites for blogging are rapidly growing these days. At the start, you must have a blogging platform that is easy to use and manage, has low learning hurdles, and requires no coding skills or science fiction to understand.

You must have clear directions about what kind of blog you want to create right now and want to continue in the future as well.

As your blog grows, you will dream and plan to change the visual appearance of your blog site and add more appealing features for your growing traffic. This means that it is important to choose a flexible and smart blogging platform.

WordPress.org– Bloggers Website

WordPress.org is amongst the popular blogging site in the entire world and is the king of free blogging sites. It’s an amazing site for free blogging that enables you to make and design your website or blog within minutes.

This is a self-hosted smart solution, which means you just have to sign up with a WordPress hosting provider. WordPress is a great choice if you want to have complete control and management over the future of your blog.

You can enrich your blog with its amazing extra features.

Linkedin (www.linkedin.com)

LinkedIn has become a choice for most people to choose any free blogging site. It has super simple-to-use tools and an existing audience/ traffic.

Customers, professionals, and business owners are highly focused here. In fact, there are more than 40 million companies hiring on this platform.

It’s an outstanding blog site where you can get exposure and make it one of amongst best free blogging sites of all.

LinkedIn website

Weebly- Website For Bloggers

This is yet another website developer and best blog site for all the new and old bloggers that you can use not only to blog but also to provide other services for bloggers and business owners. If you want to add a specific button, you can drag it over the page and customize it.

blogging website

Ghost- This Website Makes The Blogging Way Easier

This is another blogging site. You can easily download the Ghost software for free and enjoy its ultimate features. Digital-Ocean is a great ghost support service: it’s cheap and comes with a bunch of great features to get you started.

Ghost website


It’s a solid solution for a personal blog, but it’s not the best resource for business use. It is super simple and smart to handle. You just have to make an account once you start using it. After creating it (which is very easy), you are simply allowed to choose any of the default themes and you are allowed to start writing your thoughts.



Jimdo is not just an example of a free blogging site. Hence in its free version, blogs are specially suggested considering the basic features and options of Jimdo. So now you can quickly and easily design a website with Jimdo through a few elements. It will help you to make your site and will be created automatically based on your choices.

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jimdo website

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