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All Time Top Pakistani Food Outlets

Visiting a nice food outlet is always a debatable and joyful topic. Finding the best food shops and corners and places to fulfill your appetite is always one of the hottest topics to discuss. This article is about the best places where you can find your favorite food at reasonable costs. Moreover, it is about famous food corners worldwide, where newcomers from other cities would love to visit and try their food. Among Asian countries, Pakistan is famous for its diversity in people, beautiful places, and flavourful recipes. Yes, we have got many best, most diverse, and flavourful food recipes globally. Eating has always remained a concern in all nations, and even our survival is highly dependent on what we eat and how we eat. Also, Pakistani food is rich in flavors full of spices. It is unbelievably tastier among any dishes around the world. Famous Pakistani food includes Nihari, Kabli Pulao, Halim, Halva Pori, Mutton Karahi, and much more. Below is a list of the all-time best places for food and drinks in Pakistan.

1. Waris Nihari:

Nihari has been the most favorite and delicious breakfast for residents of Lahore. In the same, every Sunday, you will not be able to get a table free for you if you don’t have an appointment with this food outlet. By all means, Waris Nihari is the tastiest Nihari shop, situated near Gawalmandi, which is one of the oldest and most famous food streets in Lahore.
Warri's Nihari

2. Kolachi Restaurant:

Breathtaking, peaceful, and amazing views right about the seaside in Karachi, known as Kolachi Restaurant, is famous for its traditional Pakistani and continental foods. You will also have excellent seafood and a variety of fish. Fish is an obvious item because of the availability of the sea. At night you can enjoy beautiful music with amazing lightning and views. It is about the food you will find there, and the environment and the location are perfect for a sophisticated dinner.
Kolachi Restaurant

3. Andaaz Restaurant:

Andaaz restaurant is one of the favorite and most visited Lahore restaurants. It is very beautiful and linked with Badshahi Masjid. In addition, it gives a refreshing view of Lahore culture. Buildings show the beauty and charm of historical architecture. Another branch of this restaurant is open in Islamabad, working day and night.
Andaaz Restaurant

4. Lal Qila Restaurant:

Lal Qila is situated in Lahore, and it is a memory of the Mughal era. Also, its culture is represented with beautifully decorated red bricks and 17th-century architecture. Therefore, you will find Lal Qila restaurant and an amazing place with food items including Tandoori Chicken, Mughalai, BBQ, and Pakistani cuisine. For instance, if you don’t want to order anything to eat, you can visit the place itself because it is one of the oldest buildings in Lahore. It is a heritage and history of Pakistan and serves food to make your trip more enjoyable.
Lal Qila Restaurant

5. Butt Karahi:

Karahi is an all-time favorite food, whether it is about chicken karahi or mutton. All types of karahi are famous and in demand with great appetite in Pakistan. Moreover, Butt Karahi is a famous Lahori dish sold in Lakshmi Chowk. It is served fresh with made in desi ghee. Different outlets of Butt Karahi have been opened in different places in Lahore and cities.
Butt Karahi Food Parlour

6. Phajja Siri Paye:

Siri Paye is another amazing and traditional Pakistani dish. It looks like soup, and this dish contains ingredients, including hooves of different animals like cows and goats. It is served with naan. Since Siri Paye is very famous, there are many outlets of Siri Paye in Lahore. Most favorite Siri Paye is sold by Fazal-e-Haq food outlet. It is located in Shahi Mohalla Walled City. It is rich in amazing taste. Moreover, years of experience made its taste much better.
Phajja Siri Paye Famous Food Street

7. Monal:

Islamabad is the most beautiful city in Pakistan. In addition, the beauty of this city is rising due to beautiful restaurants as well. Monal is located on the top of Margiela hills. It has excellent food points and breathtaking views that you can enjoy by sitting in yards. Sunday brunch and dinners at Monal is a good idea to go there. It costs a bit high, but people who visit this place also love the views and food. For our readers’ information, Monal restaurant has been temporarily sealed regarding a legal case.
Monal Great Food Place

8. Charsi Tikka:

As already quoted, Pakistani love spices, and this tradition has been continued since we were in the subcontinent. The subcontinental spices, Charsi Tikka, is one of the most liked dishes in Lahore food outlets. Among the variety of foods, Charsi Tikka is a dish and the restaurant’s name at the same time. It is an Afghan restaurant, environment of this hotel is amazing. This place gives a traditional touch related to Afghan culture.
Charsi Tikka

9. Jalil Kabab House:

Peshawar is famous for its amazing dishes and traditions. As a point of pondering, Pakthoon people mostly cook meat dishes. One of the favorite dishes is Chapli Kabab which is available at Jalil Kabab House, which has unbelievable taste with richness in spices. Moreover, people from all over Peshawar visit this place and eat Jalil’s kabab. According to an estimate, more than 1000 people from different places visit the shop every day.
Jalil Kabab House Food Shop

10. Madni Biryani:

Hot and spicy biryani is the favorite national food; it doesn’t matter whether you are from any place, i.e., Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. Wherever you go, you will find biryani as a favorite food. Moreover, there are different parlors where you can purchase the tastiest biryani. But Madni Biryani food outlet in Karachi got famous for its delicious taste. Though other cities have tried it but couldn’t beat Karachi’s biryani, resultantly, people go from distant places and enjoy it. It is tasty and cheap.
Madni Biryani Food Outlet


Food is love, and food is life. Wherever you go, you will wish to have your favorite dish, but it’s up to you to find the best food shops. This blog has portrayed the most visited and used places for good food. You may like to read about “7 Best Dishes to Eat in Pakistan“.


We cannot include all favorite restaurants and taste outlets here. Each city possesses its favorite dishes. At the same time, it is quite possible that specific dishes people like in one city may not like in other cities. So, that’s why we get you most visiting restaurants, food outlets and big names in this article.

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