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Affiliate Marketing Vs Google AdSense

In today’s world, earning from online sources is easy but technical at the
same time. There are several ways which one can utilize to get more sales and
earn huge profit. In addition, we get you a comparison of Affiliate Marketing
vs. Google AdSense which are similar examples.

Affiliate marketing and Google AdSense are techniques to monetize a website. Moreover, these both ways include in online marketing. These two ways are handsome ways to earn potentially with the help of little effort to make the setup for the respective technique. We get you the sharp and clear difference between Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. Also, in the end, we let you decide which one suits you for an online income source.

Affiliate marketing is all about advertising the products by big companies and getting a bonus on purchasing a certain company. Moreover, affiliate marketers use advertisements to attract customers to a specific company and make purchasers buy a certain product. However, the company owner will give a bonus to the reseller. In other words, we can say that affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing. In which business owners reward the affiliate marketer for making more purchases using advertisements.

At the same time, Google AdSense is a bit different strategy. You need a website to place your content, where Google uses your website to place ads.  Google puts ads depending upon the content of the block you are writing. You don’t need to worry about the ads and anything else in this technique. Moreover, Google will decide which ad to add and show on your website. You have to specify the space for ads on your website, and the rest of Google will do.

A common question arises that how you will get paid. In Affiliate marketing, your advertisement and attraction of customers make the deal, so you get paid. On the other hand, in Google Ads, Google will count it for you and pay you collectively whenever the user or the reader clicks an ad.

Below we get you a specific comparison between affiliate marketing and Google AdSense. The comparison is made on a few parameters like income, efforts, energy, time, etc. Later on, you will be able to decide which one is better.

1. Ease of Start:

While talking about starting one of these two types of marketing, affiliate networking is easy to start compared to getting approval of an AdSense account. Both categories depend on the affiliate marketing companies and the type of blogs you write on.

In other ways, if it is about doing nothing and start, affiliate marketing is easier than Google Ads. Moreover, in affiliate marketing, you don’t need a website. You can get approval from any company and start advertising. But on the other hand, in Google AdSense, you must have an account and blog to start with it.

Marketing and AdSense Starting

2. Income/ Earning:

We can earn more from affiliate marketing than Google AdSense since Google gives you ads and pays you to view them and click on them by readers. You get a few pennies of the entire budget, which Google gets from the publisher.

On the other hand, if you make an affiliate sale, you get a bonus and handsome income
in terms of advertisement fees from the affiliate companies. So, you can make more money using affiliate marketing. Also, the pay-out rate of AdSense is lesser than Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing and Google AdSense give more money

3. Type of Advertisement:

In affiliate marketing, you can sell products of all types of niches. But in AdSense, you are restricted to following certain branches. Moreover, as Google ads are added on the websites related to certain knowledge base content.

You get ads related to the content. Hence, this is a limitation of Google ads. While in affiliate marketing, you can go with a variety of products and advertisements that you want and earn money.

Marketing is dependent on type of ads

4. Management of Companies:

In affiliate marketing, you can manage companies by deciding to promote a certain product and not to promote a certain product. But in Google AdSense, you give this activity to Google to take charge of your website and place ads accordingly.

For instance, if you have any concerns about the company, it is good to go with affiliate marketing. While on the other hand, if you want to let it go, Google Ads would be the right choice.

In Affiliate marketing you can control companies

5. Control on Advertisement:

In Google Ads, you cannot control the advertisement since we discuss it earlier; Google puts ads on your website according to the content of your blog or article. But in affiliate marketing, you can choose to promote a certain product depending upon the price, variety, product quality, etc.

In Google AdSense you cannot control advertisement.


We get you a detailed analysis of the difference between affiliate marketing and Google AdSense. Now it is your choice to go with one of these. In addition, it is a suggestion to use a combination of these two types of marketing or advertisement tools.

But for this, you have to be very careful while dealing with such a case. The above factors explain the ease of start, income/ earning, the type of advertisement, and control of products, which helps you define the way and choose the best side.

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