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5 Refreshing Places in Islamabad


Pakistan is a place of beauty, charm, attraction, and refreshing places. Islamabad itself is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing places in entire Pakistan.


Pakistan is internationally famous for its unmatched beauty and charm. Moreover, Islamabad is the most beautiful, refreshing state and Capital of Pakistan.

Hence, in this article, we get you the five best places to visit in Islamabad to enjoy your trip and have fun.


Any place that gives you mental satisfaction and relief from stress and depression for some time is considered a refreshing place.

So Islamabad is the best refreshing place, there are a lot of spots to enjoy and find freshness. We get you the five most energizing places in Islamabad. So, let’s have a look at them briefly.

1. Daman-e-Koh:

Daman-e-Koh is a forest area that is covered with unmatched beauty and greenery all around. Additionally, there are different walking trails including trial three, trial four, and trial five.

This is the best energetic place to enjoy a great walk. In the early morning, smooth air touches your skin and gives nourishment and refreshing feelings. Moreover, it is like a paradise when you reach the top of these hills. it is not easy to cover all the hills in one day. But you can set days to visit different trials separately. These hills are very exotic and lush with green beauty. Endless charm is waiting for you at Daman-e-Koh.


2. Shahdara Valley:

Have you ever seen a hotel in the water? I am sure you have not. There is a very beautiful valley in Islamabad known as Shahdara. Also, this place is famous for its hotel in the water. A beautiful cascade of water is walking through the center of the hotel.

You can enjoy high tea by sitting on the couch and chairs in the water. For instance, if you visit this place in summer, it is the best place to take a cool bath and enjoy snacks. But in winters, it becomes colder for visitors to sit in the water. Hence, the hotel management arranges separate rooms for winter visitors.

The beauty is unmatched. By all means, you can have a refreshing feeling at that spot.

Shahdara Valley

3. Lack View Park:

Lake View Park ok is located at Murree Road Islamabad. It is one of the most beautiful places in Islamabad. This park contains a great zoo and a beautiful play area for children.

You can do camping and enjoy yourself in picnic spots. Also, you can do horse riding and spend time with your friends. Moreover, you also have a facility to take a round trip to the lake with the help of boats.

Lack View Park

4. Pakistan Monument:

Pakistan monument is in Shekharparian forest. Giant blocks of Pakistan monuments are visible from far places in Islamabad city. Harmonic Pakistan heritage is also located beside the main building.

The main aim of the four big walls of the Pakistan monument is to showcase four provinces of Pakistan including:

  • Punjab
  • Sindh
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • Baluchistan

Similarly, a shorter block in the center of these four provinces represents Pakistan territories. It is one of the very enlivening locations in Islamabad. One can see almost the entire Islamabad from this point. Since it is on a peak and you can enjoy the refreshing views.

Pakistan Monument

5. Monal Restaurant:

Monal restaurant is famous for its place and beauty. It is located in Daman-e-Koh Park. At this place, you can get high-quality food services at a reasonable price.

Along with amazing and delightful views, it is a reviving place itself. Since it is on the peak of Margalla Hills. You can enjoy your trip by having snacks or whatever you want with the beautiful sunset or at night time.

Unfortunately, Monal restaurant is currently sealed by the government authorities due to some official regards. But the location is still open for visitors to view the park and enjoy the scenery.

Monal Restaurant


We get you only five mesmerizing plains of Islamabad. But in actuality, there is a long list that is yet to explore. Moreover, you can have a lot of points to view in Islamabad even a single walk on the road is refreshing itself because it is snowed with a green tree which is the charming point of this city.

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