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Living in a 5 Marla house? How you can improve it?

House is a place where we spend most of the time in our life and it needs to be perfect place so that we could enjoy routine. Families require enough space in their houses to carry on different activities including making a storage room, designing a TV lounge, setting a play area and drawing room, etc. Residence in rural areas is not a big issue instead people own big houses with open yards. They have open fields to walk, fresh air to inhale, and greenery to relax. But living in a 5 marla house can cause some issues.

Rural area vs Urban area

In comparison to rural areas, living in urban areas has become a big issue nowadays. The population is growing faster in cities which made it difficult for citizens to buy big houses. People hardly afford to purchase small residences due to high prices. As a result they compromise on old households. Still, there is room for improvement in making small places liveable by making a few amendments in pre structured architecture and space usage. Below are given few improvement tips for maximizing space in tiny houses.

Buy Sophisticated Furniture:

Let’s start the 5 marla house appearance improvement with furniture. Furniture in any room describes its beauty, if a room is well crowded with heavy furniture, it will reduce its beauty and space it. So, the use of sophisticated furniture for example lightweight chairs and exposed leg tables are helpful in increasing the beauty and space at the same time.

Buy Sophisticated Furniture

Storage Strategies:

In small houses storage is a big issue, that needs to be tackled by following a few strategies. Use cabinets in the kitchen instead of putting all the things in front. This will give ugly look when everything will visible to everyone. By using cabinets, you can hide unwanted things. You can go with mirror door cabinets if you want to display some good stuff in front of the kitchen area.

Secondly, use the ground area for storage. For example under bed couch you can store a lot of stuff like clothes bags, blankets and shoes etc. You can take them out for usage in a sequence by arranging them in a proper way.

Thirdly in the TV lounge, use the TV in hanging style. It will save space and everyone in the room will be able to enjoy TV from a wider and appropriate point.

Storage Strategies:

Artistic Home Decor:

Home décor is a helpful technique in managing small spaces for any purpose. The use of light colors is useful when it is about renovation. Light colors give smooth and attractive and free feelings. Use tiny plants to add beauty to the environment of the home and also it will give fresh air. Try not to use rugs on the floor as these give a heavy look upon viewing with the room stuff.

Artistic Home Decor

Use Multifunctional Furniture:

Multifunctional furniture is good to use when you have less space and more activities to perform. Use furniture like a bed that can be converted into a sofa. A chair that we can use as a stool. A table that we mold as wider or shorter depending on uses. If multifunctional persons are a requirement of a company then why not multifunctional furniture for houses?

Use Multifunctional Furniture

Pre-Construction Suggestions:

If you are in the home map construction phase, then you must revise it to add a few things in architecture in order to maximize your small space. Think of designing rooms airy and open, adding suitable air holes and sunlight spaces for fresh air and proper daylight. Use the Dual Purpose Room concept, it will help you maximize the area because you will be having one room for two purposes. For example, you can utilize the kitchen room as a dining room, guest bedroom as your office room. Here you will only need to add necessary things in your design that would be helpful in converting one room to another.

Pre-Construction Suggestions

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