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4 Common Cryptocurrency Scam

Cryptocurrency is the digital currency. These are on hype these days. People are investing a lot in buying and selling crypto in many ways. Though, these currencies are not legal everywhere. In many countries, including Pakistan, this crypto has illegal status. There is a ban on these.

When you start involving yourself in these currencies, you start exploring many of their scams and unfavorable conditions. Trading in crypto is a risk in many ways.

Read full and learn about the four basic and common cryptocurrency scams to stay protected.

Scams are everywhere online and with cryptocurrencies as well. Do proper research, learn basic things about scams, and make your investment super safe. Whenever you start investing in cryptocurrencies, make sure that these are blockchain-powered.

Learn clearly about its legal status, ways to make it secure and protected, and transaction techniques. The price is always unpredictable as it can go up or down in a blink of an eye.

scam by website

Fake Mobile App- Scam In Cryptocurrency

There are many ways by which they can scam you. Mobile application is one among them. Several fake scamming cryptocurrency mobile applications are available on, Play store, Google play, and apple play. Several investors download and use that app for their needs.

They didn’t realize that this app was a scam. These apps are run by very smart and creative people who use the data and scam the user. The investors get a big loss due to this scam. Every year, a report is highlighted, showing the detail of scamming in many ways.

The best tip is not to download and use random apps. Do proper research and use the most precise application.

fake mobile app use for scam in cryptocurrency

Scam In Cryptocurrency By Fake Tweeter & Other Social Media Updates

You might have seen fakes IDs of well-known celebrities on social media. Fraud is everywhere. Fake account, account hacking, and using this for criminal work is so common these days. Many scammers use it to create or buy well-reputed social accounts; they can heck and use it. There you might see unreal updates about cryptocurrencies as well; never trust at once.

The buying and selling of these currencies can also be done as a scam. They might ask you to transfer some amount, and right after your transaction, they go away.

Don’t go with the flow if people comment on some good stuff about that fraud page. Don’t trust at all, and these people can be partners of that scammers.

web use for scam

Fake Websites Are Used For Cryptocurrency Scam

There are many websites responsible for scamming and fraud. If you open any website and find attractive offers, don’t dig in too easily with blind eyes. Make sure to check the URL of that website. If there is no HTTP at the start of the web link, close that website.

This kind of website can steal your data. They can use this data in many ways to destroy you. Always check the URL of the website before spending too much time on that.

crypto currency scam

Scamming Emails

We feel authentic if you have received any updates via email. Hackers know your mind, and they know how to play the game. The scammers can use the same email with similar logos and graphics. You may get an email about any proceeding, click to link to stay updated, or anything about updating your data.

Don’t do that with a blank mind. Make sure to check the email details and related information. If that email sounds odd to you, send that mail to the leading team to determine if that is fine or a scam.

crypto currency fraud

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